19 January 2008

Get well soon, Penguins!

Two posts in one day? What do I think this is, Christmas?

Some thoughts on the Pens v Habs:
-Frickin' damn it, enough with the injuries, Penguins. Army into the boards on the first shift...looks like a hip/tailbone bruise, but still no word.
-Sydor and Sabourin (!) had a great night tonight. Geno was spectacular, but was it just me or did all of the Penguins seem to step it up a bit? They looked a little different from the flash and pass team that the Pens usually are, more of a grinding, hard team...and it was nice. Great game, over all.
-How wonderful is it to beat the Canadiens at home?
-The Expedia.ca commercials with the people buried in snow, crying, are gold.

-Cherry apparently thinks that Saboo looks like Ryan Miller's brother, so let's have a little comparison:

What do you think?

Pens play the Caps and their million dollar man on Monday. Think there might be a little less of the television-pimped Ovechkin/Crosby war since Sid is out?

Go Pens.


Kirsten said...

Is it bad that I pointed and laughed at Armstrong proclaiming that he broke his ass?

Elly said...

Hmm...depends, did he say that or did you just point and laugh when he smushed himself? Because if he said it, and I would not be surprised, I would laugh too. :) I mean, really....any time someone says they broke their ass it's a funny statement.

Kirsten said...

I said that he broke his ass, but I really wouldn't be surprised if he had either, from what I know about him.

kristin said...

re: sabu looking like miller's lil bro: nope, his face isn't crooked enough.

Elly said...

Kirsten: Heh, seriously.

Kristin: (had to double check on the names there for a second) Maybe if he tilted his head...? Um, and squinted...?

Loser Domi said...

Sabu and Miller: Yeah, they look like they're from the same genepool, but not like twins or anything like that. maybe half-brothers or cousins or something

Elly said...

One vote for no, one for yes! I think there is a bit of resemblance, but not the same face, definitely.

Steph said...

The real question is, does Sabourin prop his mask up all tilty? Because that's the surefire way to tell.