09 January 2008

He's 6'2, right?

How about those Pens, eh?

24-16-2 and 4th in the East. 7 game winning streak.


-Congrats to Sidney for being selected to start the All-Star game! (Roster) Not a surprise, but still nice. Chara and Lecavalier are also on the ballot, and the West is, also unsurprisingly, clogged with Wings (Datsyuk is no joke, what an incredible player).

-A quick snippet in the Post-Gazette mentioned that Talbot was practicing and looking to come back soon. Yay!

-Thanks to a heads-up from about five different people, I was informed that Marc-Andre Fleury managed to fit himself into Colby Armstrong's equipment bag and scare the bejesus out of Army. Now, this is admittedly very funny, but how does a large goalie fit himself into such a small space or does #20 just have an overly large equipment bag? Either way, I hope there wasn't anything else in the bag.

Pens and Lightning on Thursday in Tampa Bay, 7:30. Hope the guys are enjoying Florida.

Go Pens!


Dwayne said...

Considering how skinny Fleury is, I can totally see him fitting in an equipment bag. hell, if i were more bendable (2 back surgeries so far ;x), I could probably fit in my equipment bag too!

Elly said...

This is true, he is sort of a rail, but that's still a lot of goalie to fit in a bag!

And ouch! I hope your back is okay, that's a difficult area to have surgery on.

Anonymous said...

There's an "overly large equipment bag" joke that I'M NOT EVEN TOUCHING.


Elly said...

I see it! And yes, I'm not touching it either.

Steph said...

Hey, hey, Elly who is it that's gotten all those wins for your team?

(I almost, ALMOST didn't say it because you were so nice to Datsyuk but...it had to be done.)

Elly said...

....You are so not a nice person, Steph. So not. I'm going to throw cheesecake at you when I see you next.

Steph said...

Not grenades?

Teebz said...

With the NHL announcing that there will be an NBA-Slam-Dunk-style shootout event this year at the Skills Competition, Datsyuk is a shoo-in for the event. Zetterberg most likely as well.

I'm expecting sick moves.

Also, Luongo is out. Osgood in? Steph, organize your people and march on the NHL offices! :o)

Elly said...

Teebz: Didn't they say something about that shootout style last year? And I heard about Luongo! But hey, family comes first.

Steph: I think that's more up your alley. I just 'deactivate' them.

Kirsten said...

Hey, you guys get to hang out with Vinny! That's always a fun time.

When I was ten I fit into a hockey bag, I know this because my cousins stuffed me into one. Now I probably couldn't pull that off.

Co'mon Teka, let it out!

Steph said...

Teebz, I am SO excited to see all of that, especially with those two in there. And apparently the power of positive thinking is alive and well - go Osgood!

Kirsten, heck no you couldn't if you're taller than Lebda! :P

Kirsten said...

I'm still HIGHLY upset over the fact that I'm taller than Lebda.