01 January 2008

Happy New Year!

I have come down with a horrible cold, and since sitting up is making me dizzy,
I will say only this:



Teebz said...

Get better, Elly! That win today must have helped. ;o)


Hope you feel better.

Those jerseys made me feel good in my happy place.

That may have been overboard, but oh well.

Elly said...

Teebz: It really, really did. Did you hear CBC mentioning something about the Pens looking at Cujo?

Rachel: Thank you! I do already, I guess sleeping during the intermissions helped!

Those jerseys made everything all better. They were just lovely...although I missed not seeing the scarf on the Penguin! Conks helmet had the scarfed-Penguin, though.

Teebz said...

I did, and he was impressive in the Spengler Cup. Personally, as long as Conklin continues to turn in qualityn starts, I'm not overly worried as both cost about the same amount.

However, Joseph would remain on speed-dial just in case. :o)