14 February 2008

And in keeping with my in-depth, insightful posts...

All I want for Valentine's Day, lover, is.....Rod Brind'Amour crying in the corner as the Penguins hand out candy hearts to the 'Canes that say 'stfu' and 'U R my bitch'.

Oh, and some Belgian chocolate.

Pittsburgh 4-3

Go Pens.

EDIT: Lover, why did you have to get me a box of chocolates someone else had taken a bite of each of them? That sucked. Seriously. You get to sleep on the couch.


Anonymous said...

Well, they got it half right.

Wait, this was done by Nathan Smith of the Penguins? Who the hell is Nathan Smith? Are they pulling directly from Wheeling now?

Elly said...

You know, I really don't know. They've pulled so many people and sent them all around, I have trouble keeping up if I don't check things for a few days.

And hey, half is better than nothing! I wouldn't want to get smushed by Laraque.

Teebz said...

Nathan Smith was a great contributor for the Manitoba Moose last year, and should have been signed by the Vancouver Canucks. Instead, they let him walk, and now he's playing for the Penguins.


He may not be Crosby, Malkin, or even Kennedy, but he's a plugger, and he'll grind out points. :o)

Dwayne said...

Smith was the captain of the Baby Pens this year. He's been up for a bit under 10 games or so, and he's been a solid contributor the whole time. His only almost goal was waved off for being kicked in (redirected by his foot, yes, but not kicked, per se). Still, it's a tough job and I can't say I'm too upset they waved it off.

In any way, he's a solid dude, and I'm glad he's there.