02 February 2008

Get a goal, just one freaking goal! (Wings 2, Avalanche 0)

The Red Wings have coasted to victory many a time this season, and amassed points at a rate that was almost disgusting (okay, fine, I haven't been disgusted by it....but).

Last night was not one of those nights. In fact, last night can best be described as wholly frustrating. The Avalanche, to their credit, have developed an apparent strategy for playing the Wings - they play us in close, very tight, lots of checking, almost a variation of the Anaheim strategy, except with less offense (the final shot count was 35-15 Wings, and 11 of those Avs shots came in the third period) and less cheap shots. Even with their currently depleted roster they put up a good, if annoying, fight.


Up until Henrik Zetterberg notched the first goal of the game late in the third off of a great play by Pavel Datsyuk, drawing three defensemen to him and leaving Z open for the wraparound, (the Wings other goal, an empty netter, came at the hands of Kris Draper), the Wings couldn't get a scoring break. Early on in the game, Peter Budaj took a delay of game penalty that he spent the rest of the game repenting for - the sheer number of great saves he made, combined with the number of sure-thing goals that were ruined by someone missing a pass, and the number of shots off the post, it was enough to make a person tear there hair out.

The Wings did however get one lucky break when Brett Lebda pushed Scott Hannan into Dominik Hasek - the Avalanche scored on the play, but it was still ruled no goal based on contact to the goaltender, as the referee missed this initial contact and the play could not be reviewed.

Sorry this is such a short recap - I've been working all day and the game was rather frustrating and not very exciting. One particular joy I do remember from watching it was seeing Datsyuk manage three takeaways...on one shift. Leave it to that guy. (Also, someone should teach Ken and Mickey that it's pronounced HOE-ton. How long have you guys lived in Michigan?)

Tonight the Wings take on the Boston Bruins in an Original Six matchup. They now have 82 points which puts them 14 above the second place Ottawa.

(PS McCarty is still skating with Flint while he waits for NHL approval on his AHL contract - come on guys, work it out, you have until the 15th!)


Kirsten said...

You're clearly stupid if you don't know how to pronounce Houghton.

PS I'm not in trouble with some of my MN friends, because they found out about my secret Lebda love.

Steph said...

I know right?

You should have seen him tonight, they were interviewing everybody about their Super Bowl picks, and all Lebda would do was whine that he's a Bears fan and he hates everybody else.

Kirsten said...

Haha, too bad he chose the wrong team. I wonder if he was happy to see the Packers FAIL. He's too adorable.

Who is this Kronwall fellow? He's not bad either.

Steph said...

I hope so! He sounded very bitter about his poor Bears.

Kronwall is sloooowly winning me over this year - he has a history of really stupid flukey injuries, which is a shame, because he's a great top 4 defenseman.

Kirsten said...

Haha, I know all about being a bitter sports fan. Johan anyone?

Hmmm, that does detract from him. He's injured again, isn't he?

I love the Knob Hockey quote for a subject. "Hang me out to dry like some panties on a whore." I also like how his voice in Knob hockey is like an octave deeper than it is in real life.

Steph said...

He is, but luckily it's nothing major and he'll only be gone a week or so. He's been doing better with the whole 'not getting hurt in stupid ways' this season - no more skates to the face.

I saw that Knob Hockey before I ever actually heard Ilya talk...then I was horribly confused. The panties line is my favorite thing to quote EVER though. I do it all the time at college hockey games, I think it confuses people.

Kirsten said...

Skates to the face?!? Ouch.

I'm SO using that line the next time they complete suck and make life hell for Backstrom/Harding. People at the games clearly just need to be cooler and watch more Knob Hockey. It would make their lives far more complete.

ME TOO! Then when I heard him talk, I was like, that's his voice?? Huh. I'm so in Bryzgalove with him it's ridiculous.

Steph said...

Yeah...he has an nice scar across the bridge of his nose, poor guy.

DO IT! I don't get the chance to, too much, because lately it seems like it's our goalie's fault whenever anyone else scores, but this doesn't really stop me.

SERIOUSLY. (PS I love that you just used that term. I am definitely all about the Bryzgalove. It's even easier now that he isn't a - ew - Duck.

Kirsten said...

I'm SO using it the first chance I get.

It's really quite an amazing term if you think about it. And how happy was I to see that he's not a Duck anymore? I can now hate them without reservation.

PS, I'm finally getting my shit together and mailing your Harding puck. He signed it really nicely for you, even after I told him you were a Red Wings fan.