18 February 2008

I don't want to talk about it (Stars 1, Wings 0)

Redwings.com says this is the team's longest losing streak in 17 years. I don't want to talk about that either.

The good news is, yesterday's game was much better than it sounds like the past few were - and we're still leading the league by 8 points. The bad news is, the team has still lost six in a row, has falling from a 17 point lead, and are now definitely playing like a team who's lost six in a row.

I feel you, Jimmy.

For four games now the Wings haven't scored an even strength goal - the team is simply not getting enough pucks to the net. They played a much stronger puck possession game yesterday than they have been, but it still isn't enough. Yesterday the first Wings powerplay consisted of only two shots on goal - both by Dallas.

To be fair, the Wings did have several excellent opportunities and were stoned by Marty Turco more times than I can remember. Pavel Datsyuk in particular had two great opportunities ruined by the Stars goaltender pokechecking the crap out of him. Johan Franzen also had a relatively good evening with a few shots on goal, some great defensive play, and a couple takeaways as well. In net for the Red Wings, Jimmy Howard was fantastic. He made a number of remarkable saves and looked very calm and composed in net, which is a great sign for the future, but unfortunately wasn't enough yesterday. The one goal he did let in - a rebound shoved back into the net by Niklas Hagman - was iffy on his part, but nothing terrible, and our old friend Andreas Lilja (aided by Kyle Quincey, whom he got switched up with a bit during the play) had a hand in mucking things up as well. Innocent mistakes, but ones that cost the the Wings the game.

Someone tell me though, what's with all this doom and gloom? A slump does not mean our goaltending (which everyone was praising and remarkable this past week - and by the way, Hasek and Chris Osgood are still 1 and 3 in the league in GAA) is terrible, thanks, NBC. And can you guys count? "Detroit hasn't been in a Cup Finals in almost a decade"? I'm pretty 2002 wasn't 10 years ago, but all right.

Tonight the team faces off against the Colorado Avalanche. It promises to be a tough game; the Avs have played the Wings very tight thus far and will do their best to play another solid defensive game this evening. Brian Rafalski, Niklas Kronwall, and Dominik Hasek will remain out of the lineup. Nothing is ever easy. GO WINGS.


CKim said...

Turco DID have your guys' numbers. He made some ridiculous saves, as did Howard! I was presently surprised.

Please beat the Aves!

Patty (in Dallas) said...

The broadcast managed to be bad for both teams. They talked the whole time about what Detroit needs to do to get out of their slump and Pierre squealed that you "found your goalie!" as if you had none.

And they seemed to barely mention the Stars at all. The Stars spent 2 shifts in the Detroit zone while they yammered about trash talk, and then went back to the game when Detroit got the puck again.

So I was indignant for us both. :D

And that crack about the last Cup being almost a decade ago was laughable.

Steph said...

Connie: We're trying! I'd be very happy about this game if it weren't for Lidstrom...

Patty: Seriously! I couldn't believe how LITTLE they talked about the Stars when they're only you know, the second ranked team in the whole league. I was thinking they'd make a big deal about this matchup...but no, all we got was "Hey did you guys know the Wings have been sucking lately? Did you? Cause they are." I was indignant too!

Kirsten said...

You have the best picture captions ever.

Lidstrom has been an absolute STUD for my fantasy team.

Steph said...

Too bad my last few pictures have all been of sad Wings goalies and the other team celebrating...

I'll bet he has - not a good night for him today though, you'd better join me in hoping he's all right.

Kirsten said...

Feel better, Nick. My mom is worried about you.