06 February 2008

Where there's a will there's a way. (Wings 3, Wild 2)

That was scary. (Who else out there literally gets angry at the television when this team is down anymore? I've started going into every game expecting the lead, expecting the win. It's nerve-wracking and awesome and exciting and it says a lot about what a joy the Red Wings are this season.)

But like I said, that was scary. Lackluster first and second, worrisome effort overall despite Dominik Hasek making several brilliant saves on Marian Gaborik (none of which threaten to send him flying this time), and the Wild were up 2-1 with mere minutes to go, but just as you think it's over, Mr. Clutch pulls through.

Thanks, Dan Cleary. (And thanks, sound guys at the Joe.)

41 wins.
86 points.
17 points above Dallas.
27 games left.

(Following tonight's game, Wild fan Kirsten is divorcing Brett Lebda after OT game winner - she even devoted a post to him with some beautiful artwork and notes on the game as well.)


CKim said...

Cool Runnings is a movie I've probably seen....more times than I care to admit. I watched a lot of movies as a kid...yeah.... good times!!

Kirsten said...

Damn straight I am. He has abused my love!

Paul said...

I'm on the other side of the fence between these two teams. I've been a fan of the Minnesota Wild since their inception and I have to say this is one of the most bitter losses I've seen this team endure. Having the best team in the NHL on the ropes, on a 2 3/4 count in the ring and still find a way to lose is mind-boggling. The only thing worse than this for Minnesota was if this were in the playoffs.

The Red Wings are having an outstanding year and credit is due. But I don't believe their fans should've been real upset had their team lost. Minnesota's struggling to stay afloat in the Northwest Division race and is still hoping for the #2 seed while Detroit all but has the luxury to coast into the playoffs given their position in the standings.

Definitely like Jimmy Cliff's remake version of "I Can See Clearly Now" over the original song. Not by much though.

Nice blog, Steph. I already got ya on my blog roll, so I'll be stopping by anytime I want to hear more thoughts from Red Wings fans.

Steph said...

Connie: Yeah...meeee too.

Kirsten: Poor guy...I'm sure he's devastated.

Paul: I don't think the Wings played particularly great the other day either - I'd almost chalked the game up as a loss, and would have been much more accepting of that than of the third period giveaway they wound up with tonight.

Thanks for the link, we'll toss you one back for sure!

Kirsten said...

Don't make me feel bad about it!

Kirsten said...
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