11 February 2008

Thank god for modern medicine

Not to take away from Steph's excellent headline, but I wanted to give a little shout to the Panthers and their brethren today after last night's excitement. Poor Buffalo, brings back some rough memories there.

The above is a video of what happened. There is a lot of blood, so please, if you are squeamish, do not click on the video. NHL.com says Zednik is resting comfortably now and in stable condition. Get well soon, Richard.


Fleury is officially being sent down to WBS for a bit of training and conditioning, so hopefully he will be back soon. Also, according to the article above, Conks has the league's best SV% and the 7th best GAA. This almost makes me forget the horrible 3rd goal he let in on Sunday. Almost.

And in other, less bloody news, the Pens have snagged first place in the Atlantic and second in the East (69 to Ottawa's 72).



Ellie said...

go pens! who would have thought we'd be doing this well without sid....

Dwayne said...

Hey now, keep in mind that third goal was a result of his stick getting caught in the crack where the doors open for the zamboni. It'd be one thing if he were just slacking off ;x

Elly said...

Ellie: I'm just happy to see Geno getting all this attention. It's about time! Whoo!

Dwayne: Ahhh, fine, I'll give him that. ;P