21 February 2008

What is this, high school?

Other teams spread their crazy drama across a season. The Red Wings held off until they could dump it all on us at once. Here are some notes from the past week:

Captain Nick Lidstrom will be out 3 weeks after that knee injury.

Worse than we thought, but hopefully manageable. Still, with an injury list currently consisting of a good chunk of the team - and the top three blueliners - these few weeks might be quite a challenge. The Wings have called up (given that Jonathan Ericsson (given that Niklas Kronwall is getting close, but will still not be ready to play on Friday), who I've seen many times in Grand Rapids and have been very impressed with - but he's certainly got some big shoes to fill.
The Sergei Fedorov rumors persist.
Here's an interview with him - from what I read printed he sounded like the same old Fedorov the majority of the city is still bitter at, with his comments about wanting to come back for the success he once had here, but actually watching the interview you almost feel bad for the guy. He's evasive, awkward, and clearly doesn't want to talk about Detroit - or just doesn't have anything to say. His dad, on the other hand, is damn sure of what he wants to happen - and just as hilarious as ever:
"My son is definitely going to leave Columbus, there are no doubts. [...] I don’t see any sense to waste any time there. [...] My personal opinion: it was a big mistake for the Red Wings to part ways with Sergei. Since then the club hasn’t proven anything to anyone, and didn’t win anything."
Oh, Viktor... (I also got a laugh out of "obviously tired Datsyuk" and the suggestion of Fedorov replacing him on the top line.)

Seeing what Fedorov used to be able to do, it's sort of sad to think about him fading out at the end of his career, wasting away on a team he's clearly not able to help - but at the same time do I want him back? Not really. Even if he were what he used to be, it would be hard for him to feel very welcome around these parts.
Former Griffins captain Matt Ellis was picked up off waivers by the Los Angeles Kings.
A really unfortunate loss, in some ways, as Ellis was well-liked among teammates and fans alike, and no slouch, either. He had a great work ethic and did manage to contribute some this year, but the team decided he wasn't fitting in to their plans:
“He was in a situation where I wasn’t using him,” coach Mike Babcock said. “He’ll go to LA and try to win a job there. If he’s a fit for them then that’s all the power to him. The bottom line is that he just wasn’t fitting in on a regular basis and getting into the lineup.”
Hopefully this will be a good experience for Ellis, and he'll succeed out in LA. We wish you luck, Matty - Connie (who weirdly enough just sent me a text informing me that she saw the news), Kms2, you guys had best take good care of him.
Darren McCarty is probably coming back.
He'll have the feel good story of the year clinched if he manages to make it all the way back to the big leagues - and I hope he does. I was skeptical at the beginning, but after seeing his performance in Grand Rapids I would welcome him back so long as it continues when he lands back with the Red Wings. The fanbase will love it, and he really does look like he can be an asset - a sentiment Mike Babcock agrees with:
“We’re going to sign him,” Babcock said. “What we’re going to do is give him the opportunity to continue to get in shape in Grand Rapids.
Personally, I wish he still had the facial hair he did in that photograph.
Crazy enough week yet? I can only assume it's not over yet, with the trade deadline looming ever closer.


CKim said...

Your boy Ellis was NOT suited up last night; apparently because "he wasn't available." Odd bowel movements perhaps?

KMS2 said...

Modry's already taken but we do have a defenseman by the name of Rob Blake that you may want to consider...or how about Tom Preissing?

I saw the highlight of Lidstrom getting hit and it was so sad watching him trying to skate off the ice. I couldn't tell if he was light-headed or his leg was injured. Poor Nicky! Get Well soon because someone is going to have to knock out the Ducks in the playoffs and I'm counting on Detroit to finish them off this year!!

Bethany said...

Dude and Chelios aka my Dad got injured last night! That's awful!! I hope he is ok. Your injuries are getting ridiculous!!!