08 February 2008

A Royal Disaster (Kings 5, Wings 3)

It's because I pointed out that the Red Wings, before the game yesterday, had only 8 less points than double the Kings' point total, isn't it? Karma is a bitch.

How many times did we see this last night?

While the Wings led the Kings after two on a quick goal from Tomas Kopecky, and two from Henrik Zetterberg, the Kings managed to score 4 unanswered goals (man, Kyle Calder really stuck it to us) in the third to wind them up on top, ending an 8 year losing streak at the Joe.

I had class last night, so I only saw the last ten minutes of meltdown, but CKim kept me updated with texts, and has a great game post up at A Queen Among Kings (Thanks Connie - I'm willing to resume our friendship now that the shock has passed, but that scarf had just better not come with anything purple attached!)

Dave at Gorilla Crouch also brought up an interesting point about how this game solidified Detroit's need for another top 4 defenseman (especially with Nicklas Kronwall incapacitated until likely the end of the month) - also a good read, and a very good point. The name Rob Blake keeps coming up - will it go anywhere? (And Connie, will you become a Wings fan if it does?)

Saturday evening the Wings take on the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are sitting just barely above the Kings in the standings. These two teams are one of my favorite matchups and I love Toronto...but here's to hoping they get squashed.

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CKim said...

I'm glad we're still friends!!!

And don't worry, the scarf is pure red with no hints of purple. =P I'm probably half way through with it. I had to takes breaks during the drive to Vegas, so maybe by the end of the week I can mail it out!