23 February 2008

McCarty Lured me Back.

Last night, some friends and I traversed back up to Grand Rapids to catch the Griffins again, having not had enough of hockey, $1 beer, or Darren McCarty. We were to be disappointed by the final score (4-1 Manitoba, though the Griffins blanked them 1-0 this evening), but certainly not the game itself.

I took longtime friend Nancy to her first hockey game - she cheered for the beer, and for McCarty's fight. (Also note, the scarf I'm wearing was made for me by the wonderful Connie! Thanks so much again!)

The Griffins roster is a little decimated right now as well, considering Kyle Quincey, Jonathan Ericsson, Garrett Stafford, Jimmy Howard, and Mark Hartigan are all playing with the Red Wings right now, but the game was a scrummy, entertaining one.

The single Griffins goal was scored by the newly acquired Francis Lemieux, formerly a Hamilton Bulldog, who's looked excellent in all thre games I've seen him in this season (two with the Griffins; one with the Bulldogs). McCarty looked good again as well - he hasn't regained as much speed as would be nice, but then again he never was the fastest skater on the ice, either. He didn't score, but he did fight (which I hear he repeated this evening as well):

During the pre-game I was standing next to a little girl with a sign that said "Darren, it's my birthday, give me a hug." She didn't get her hug, but McCarty smiled at the sign (it took him a serious excess of time to read it, and he looked perplexed at first - I wonder about his reading comprehension skills) and tossed her a puck. It seems he's been going out of his way to interact with the fans, which is only making his comeback bid more endearing to everyone involved. As of today, the Red Wings have offered him a contract for the remainder of the season

I was hoping to see Cory Schneider in net, but Drew MacIntyre started instead (the announcers tried may times to convince us to cheer "Druuuuuuuuuuu" - at first I thought they were teaching us the "you suck!" goalie jeer, but nope...who knows) instead, and the only other player I recognized was Jason Jaffray. I don't know much about the Moose, but I will say that the moose antlers on the numbers on the backs of their jerseys are one of my favorite design quirks ever.

For more pictures, including lots of McCarty, check out this gallery - here's to hoping the Griffins' 1-0 victory over the Moose will transfer to the Red Wings as they take on the Canucks this evening.


KMS2 said...

I wish some big name star played in the minors near where I live! I bet all those beers McCarty drank didn't help those awesome reading skills he was born with.

And Connie, where's my fucking scarf!? How long have I known you? I could have used one when I was roughing it in St. Louis during college. Thanks for nothing! Our friendship is O.V.E.R!

(j/k, I heart you, Connie!)

Steph said...

It's been so much fun since he's been here! Griffins games were always entertaining, but now they're packed and loud and stupidly fun - and there's an average of a fight and a half per game.

Ahh, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut about the scarf!

Teebz said...

Good battle between these former IHL franchises in both games. The Manitoba radio broadcast had a long interview with McCarty, and I am quite impressed with how humble he is in his battle to get back to the NHL. It sounds like he is really enjoying his time in the minors, and not complaining about the work required to get back to the NHL. Good on Darren for overcoming his demons!

Glad to see the game was enjoyable as well, Steph! :o)

CKim said...

kms - HAHAHAHA!!!! I'm sorry!!! But you were in St. Louis when I was in Nor Cal suffering through the cold and wet!! =( But we don't need scarves in LA!!

I'm glad we're still friends (because, yes, we've known each other for many, many...many years). =D

Steph - I LOVE the picture!!! I didn't realize the scarf was gonna match your hair. That's too awesome. =P

Steph said...

Teebz: That's exactly what's made me so endeared toward McCarty lately - I heard a lot of the same about him when he was playing with Flint, but it was still surprising (in an awesome way) to see the work ethic and the drive he has here in Grand Rapids. It makes you really hope the guy succeeds!

Connie: Well, my hair changes like once a month or so - but right now it is a great match! (I seriously LOVE the scarf, by the way - it's soooo long! I picked it up on m way out of the apartment and didn't want to leave it in my friends' car, but I had to pay close attention at the game and keep rescuing it from almost dragging on the floor where I was sitting - all that spilled $1 beer is so not what I wanted to get all over it! I'll make sure I get a shot in some actual snow for you :)

Rinslet said...

Aww. You wanted to see Schneids? XD
... WHY??!!!!!!!!

(It better be a good reason!)

Steph said...

Because I actually know who he is! And I don't know much of that team :P

Kirsten said...

Haha, it's so not cold in St. Louis, or NorCal. I love people from LA for that reason! :)

McCarty's back! Let the hell raising begin!

CKim said...

But being out on the water in the rain and ...cold temperatures made me unhappy!!!

Good stuff for McCarty!

Kirsten said...

I know all about rowing in the rain. It sucks, especially at five in the morning.

KMS2 said...

Steph, you better take good care of Stu Bear!