05 January 2007

Frustration Overcome

Slug repellent = Check

Pens win with a beautiful empty-netter (first since April 2004?), and the poor Buffaslugs are stomped out.

Wonderful game. Close, good action, great skating, and a cute victory dance by Malkin. Some thoughts:

-Both teams played great, there was no fault in either of them...the Penguins were simply better and luckier (broken stick goal anyone?)

-Was there smoke behind Malkin? Because he was on fire. That's the Russian we recruited right there.

-Sidney was beautiful as usual, although I expected him to net a goal at least. He was everywhere though. 15 points in the last 15 games on the powerplay alone (according to the post game). The Sidney/Malkin combo is better than a shiny new bike to an 8 year old.

-Talbot has been wonderful, tonight was another great showing. Whitney was also doing pretty well, keeping the puck out and working with the rest of the team to be everywhere the Sabres didn't want them to be. Great disruptive playing.

-The announcers for the MSG station (I'm going to be hungry for more hockey in a half an hour) weren't that great, and the audio kept sticking, so along with the Comcast internet broadcast, I booted up the radio feed out of Pittsburgh. It was a nice combination for such a stopgap way of watching the game. I will not ever be able to hear Mike Lange say anything about Elvis leaving the building without thinking of the '91 Cup.

-I had a nice long post about other things around the web, as well as the Pens starting up a father/son trip for the whole staff....and Blogger ate it.

Now for the most important piece of information tonight

With this win the Pens are now the 9th in the division, 1 point behind Toronto. What does this mean? This means that the playoffs are in reach. Every game from now until April 7th is going to be important, and I can't wait for it. What a thrilling time to be a Pens fan...not to mention one of the scariest.

Go all the way, boys, bring the Cup in.
We have faith in you.

Next game against Tampa Bay on Sunday. Go Pens, go!


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Penguins have been known to eat slugs, you know. Even horned, leaping, flying ones.