13 January 2007

Happy Hockey Day!

A big thanks to Steph for posting lately since blogger hasn't let me post anything in over a week. I hope that my computer doesn't break further.

Anyhow, it is Hockey day in Canada today, and so CBC is celebrating with a day of triple headers. They have announced the rest of the line ups for the All-star game and I will post the full rosters when I can find them. (Edit: Here they are) Along with all the lovely Canadian hockey coverage is a bunch of little segments inbetween, going to local towns, speaking with people, and doing specials on home-town hockey teams. The cap to tonight will be the Battle of Alberta, which as always, should be an interesting game.

On a side note to this, there was a little kid by Ron MacLean on the broadcast this afternoon that was decked out in Penguins gear. Pens fans are everywhere.

Second to this great hockey treat is a triple showing on NBC, who as I am watching them, keeps talking about how great of a hockey channel they are. The shift clocks are a nice touch. I do have a few bones to pick, though:

1. During the first intermission Ferraro and Hull were having a discussion about Ruutu. Basically, the gist of their comments were that people like Ruutu do not belong in the nhl and do nothing or contribute anything to the game and should be taken out. I disagree with this. True, Ruutu doesn't score many goals (something like 1 in the last 46?) but he does serve a subtle purpose, and that is to fire up his team with a few well placed shots and shoves. How many times this season have we seen a renewed jump in the Pens' steps after Ruutu pushes another player just a bit too far and they have words? It seemed like a harsh thing to say that a player shouldn't be in the nhl unless they are truly terrible. If the scouts, the coaches, and the owners think so, then we should trust them on their judgement about who they want on their team. Sure, they can be wrong (and boy, don't Penguins fans know this), but most of the time they can at least see nhl caliber talent.

2. Second intermission had Hull and Ferraro arguing points. Some were interesting, such as who would you pick to start a franchise (Sidney, duh), but I like their discussion on who was the best goalie. They chose Brodeur and Luongo, but I think they're missing a lot of really good goalies. Hasek has his own certain charm (like trying to take out players ankles), Kiprusoff is still my favorite, Roloson has been great this year, and I do have to admit that Giguere has been on top of his game behind an excellent defense.

3. This would be my biggest gripe with NBC. Notice all the blue spots, the blue spots that cover most of the country? I would be in the little spots with the red. The spots that are showing me the friggin' Rangers beat up the Bruins. I almost cried when I turned on the tv to watch the long-awaited match up in the comfort of my home and got the Rangers instead. As a cruel twist of fate, I am also getting a lot of announcer babble about Jagr and Straka. Shades of Penguins past?

Other NHL thoughts:

-Devils and Islanders tonight. Wonder who will win that one? Too bad both can't lose. Devils are tied with Atlanta for second in the East. The Ducks are still slowly falling...or at least not rising as fast. The Slugs are still first in the East.

-Watching the Bruins lose to the Rangers is never really fun, but I do miss seeing Jagr....in black and yellow, that is. He's so easy to pick out of a lineup. Seeing him and Chara smushing each other in the first was fun.

Some fun things:

-Ovechkin's new commercial. I have to say, as cheesy as these are, they crack me up. Thornton's is my favorite so far. Where's Sidney's trying to bake a cake?

-New compilation of the Oilers mic'd. Again I ask, where are are Sidney's version of this? Or Colby's? Or Malone's?

-Ottawa kills the Habs. I don't know if this is 'fun', but it's close.

-And finally, Reasoner being....well, Marty. I can see Army doing something like this.

And now, the best thing about today:

Penguins 5 - Flyers 3.

Go Pens!


Steph said...

Personally, I want to know why Memphis needed the Boston/NY game, of all places. And Florida, for that matter. Wtf?

Elly said...

Yeah, me either. I can understand why I got stuck with them, but Florida? Maybe there is a big cult of Jagr worshippers down there.