29 January 2007

Welcome Back?

It's really been six days since either of us posted? I suppose that's what All Star break and being lazy does. I meant to live-blog during the Wings game this afternoon...except then my internet died, and then my computer stopped functioning properly. (Last week Elly and I were sending ridiculous text messages to each other that, when reaching the point wherein Pronger getting action happened, froze my phone. I am guessing something similar happened. Jeez, Chris. We know you're unhappy but leave my electronics alone.)

So what I will regarding the Wings game is that I cannot believe that second goal counted, though I'm glad it did, that once again the Eurotwins prove their worth, and Happy Birthday (tomorrow) Dom (even if Cheli thought it was today).

(PS Manny takes out the Wings again? I wonder what Ken Holland thinks.)

I am parenthesis happy, wow. Next time! I kind of want to look at trade rumors. We'll see.

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