03 January 2007

Hurricanes blow

Although I did not watch the game (my computer is being a pain in the ass and so I decided to watch the CBC special instead), my obsessive refreshing of nhl.com's scores page tells me that the Pens won over the Hurricanes in a lovely 3-0 shutout. Perhaps it was the loss of all of their shiny trophies for Steve Yzerman's retirement ceremony (such as the Cup, which I would love to see back in Pittsburgh, hinthint), but after their smackdown by the Flyers, they have got to be questioning their play right now. Good man, Fleury, keep 'em coming.

In other Pens news, it seems that Mario wants to give me an ulcer by going to Kansas City to meet with officials there. People say it's a power ploy, but I wouldn't rule anything out at this point. I never thought it would go this far, and really, Kansas City Penguins would suck. As would the Las Vegas Penguins, and the anythingelsethatisnotPittsburgh Penguins. Tomorrow Lemieux is going to talk to the Pittsburgh officials about a better Plan B. Here's hoping it's a lot better.

Good article here about some of the monetary importance of the Pens and a new arena in Pittsburgh.

Jim Rutherford talks about how much he loved Pittsburgh in the wee days of the Penguins.

Next game is on Friday against Buffalo. Should be interesting to see how the Pens go against the Buffaslugs. Go Pens!

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