12 January 2007

Tidbits. Not as Tasty as Timbits.

It's been a while, with getting home from Columbus and then heading back to school, but having taken a few days to return my apartment to it's state of cleanliness (and to hang my Legace jersey prominently on the wall of my bedroom) things have settled back to normal.

I only have a few actual hockey tidbits to share, none of which are really all that important, but here we go anyway.

  • Dwayne Roloson is being recognized for that baseball batting technique he picked up from our crazy Czech Hasek. I love Roloson a little bit more every day. I love seeing that technique from any goalie though - it's so rare but it looks so excellent. At this rate Roli will be doing a better job than any of our actual defensemen; MacT's gotta love it. But hey, MAB scored a goal a couple games ago, should we forgive him yet?
  • Matt Greene, aside from looking like a meth addict, apparently shouldn't be trusted with...well, just about anything you don't want the guy to lose. The bigger question is, what was he doing at Marty's, anyway?
  • Manny beats out Martin Brodeur in a shootout the other day. I'm certainly not going to argue that makes him the better goalie or anything, but you have to admit the guy is good at shootouts. Also it makes me happy.
  • Chris Chelios is back after dealing with the stabbing at Cheli's Chili - and I don't care what anyone says about the guy, his age, or his face, the Wings benefit from him. Still.
Lame post, but hey, I haven't caught a full game all week long.

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