02 January 2007

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a good New Year's Eve. Everyone tells me I did, since I can't really remember the latter half of the night, and the hangover till 5pm corroborates their story. Ah, fun times.

It's been quite a week in hockey, and even though I have somehow managed to miss each and every single Penguins game since after Christmas, it's nice to see that the boys have broken their losing streak with a nice, neat win over Toronto on Friday. Hopefully tonight will see them doing the same to the Hurricanes, who really need their asses kicked again after the Flyers bent them over on Sunday. (Speaking of the Flyers, someone asked me last night why I don't like them as much as I do. Please bear in mind that the person who asked me was a Flyers fan. From Philidelphia. I couldn't answer him for a few minutes because my voice had been robbed by shock) It has been interesting to watch the turn around some teams have been dealing lately, such as Philidelphia. While I don't think that Carolina is a good enough team to win the Cup, they are undeniably a good team...while the Flyers are not so much this year. Luck of the puck, perhaps?

What about Pheonix? Are they turning their fortunes around? It certainly seems like there may be hope for them after a recent 3 game winning streak.

Also, has anyone else noticed Anaheim losing? I would say that their loss of Pronger will hurt them, and it undoubtably will, but they lost a few before he fell. Of course, they are still kicking everyone's asses in the league, but a few injuries can take a toll. I guess tonight's game against Detroit, where they will retire Yzerman's jersey, will be a good indication of things to come.

Speaking of injuries: ouch. Ekman will be a big loss. Hopefully the MRI will have good news about his elbow.

On a bit more Penguins news, here is a nice little recap article for Sidney, and although I am about a week behind, Mario says he'll meet with officials about a new arena for the Pens. There is still talk about moving the boys to a different location, such as Kansas City (which seems to be the most viable area, since they have been expressing an interest in a team and have a ready-built arena), but naturally all the fans are hoping for a Pittsburgh-located arena. I don't have anything personal against Kansas City, but the Pens belong in Pittsburgh. Besides...Kansas City Scouts anyone? Nice to see that they went on to harass us as the Devils. For a great comments war on this subject, head on over to the Pensblog.

Tonight's game against the Canes will be interesting, and hopefully the Pens will be playing like they did against the Leafs. Game starts at 7 pm, home ice. Go Pens!

P.S. On a personal side note, I will be able to make up for missing the last Leafs game by seeing the next one, on the 20th of this month, in person. While I have been a Pens for over 15 years, this will be the first time I will be able to see them play at home. It will be a nice change to be one of the fans of the majority, instead of the lone crazy girl screaming for a goal no one else cares about. I will be there with my friend, a crazy Leafs fan, so if anyone else is in the area, we will be the two yelling and cussing ladies with opposing jerseys, quite possibly with face paint on. Go Pens!

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