05 January 2007

I should have stopped after the Leafs game (who says that?)

I'm in Columbus this weekend (I know, hub of hockey, this city is), and I didn't expect to actually catch any games at all that weren't Blue Jackets flavored. And then my hotel had free (albeit wired, and obnoxiously easy to disconnect) internet, and Comcast saved the day!

I had lots of faith in hockey this evening, getting in just in time to see the Leafs score three goals in 51 seconds--and then they kept right on going (even though I think I missed every single one thanks to my feed sucking). Ten? Seriously? And not a single one Mats Sundin? All was not right in the hockey world, but I was happy with it.

And then Edmonton starts off strong and Nedved scores to prove his worth (it's weird getting used to a new name on the Oilers roster). And then it all goes to hell--and keeps right on going. I didn't see any of this game but I've been assured that 2-seconds-left Hemsky goal was amazing, but damn.

Karma kicked in a little later on in the Wings game which also started off promising--Jiri Hudler getting that first goal on his birthday was awesome not to mention adorable--and then Vesa Toskala took the ice and everything fell apart. Dom Hasek lets in 8 goals for the first time in his entire career, more than 5 for the first time since 2000, and Ozzie comes in for relief and to see us one more. I just want to thank Brett Lebda for not letting those wind up 9 unanswered. Good man.

I don't think I'm mentioning anything worth reading here, and I can't recap because my feeds weren't good enough, but I couldn't sleep without a bit of whining first. Now let's see if tomorrow makes me cry a little less.

(Oh but Manny won again!)

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