20 January 2007

Go Pens go!

I've been delinquent in Penguins news as of late, and I probably will continue to be over the weekend as I will be IN Pittsburgh watching the Toronto game (at least hopefully, the weather up here sucks right now), but here are some points of interest from around the NHL:

-Ducks are starting to lose more and more.

-Nice little article about Bavis and Ace's memory. I always think of the Dropkick Murphys song mentioning them whenever I hear their names now. RIP guys.

-The Predators are now leading the league.

-Another little article about the All-Star game and the use of the rail cam.

-An article on Sidney and his thoughts about the All-star game and the games surrounding it.

-Reformed Plan B said to be the 'best deal'. Hopefully Lemieux's group thinks so.

-Official Pens article on the All-Stars game, including a picture of Sidney looking all shiny in his new jersey for the game. Also, Staal, Malkin and Whitney are on the YoungStars team, which I was not aware of until now. I just thought that OLNUSUS was being particularly cruel in showing Malkin's celebratory smacking of the glass.

-And a little somethingsomething about shootouts and the people who suck, and the people who don't.

What else can I say? GO PENS!

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