12 May 2007

Barbequed Duck!

Summary of the evening:

(AKA my eyeliner's still working and my mojito was delicious)

Mid-afternoon (after hearing the great news that I had indeed scored tickets to Sunday night's game, which set the tone for the whole day) I headed over to my buddys' to grill some burgers, drink some mojitos and Molson Canadian, and watch both the Wings take on the Ducks, and the Tigers rough up the Twins.

I really didn't know what to expect going into the game, but overall it was beautiful. The officiating had me skeptical (Could they have broken up the gameplay a little more on stupid chintzy calls? Really?), and the Ducks played a mean game of hockey but folks, we held up. No more bashing the Wings for their lack of physical play, all right? We held up against Calgary, San Jose, and tonight we stood strong against the formerly mighty Ducks in all their Niederprongeresque glory.

And not only with the hitting - the way we were blocking shots, even in just the last two minutes of the game, was a level of play I only hoped to see throughout this series. Not to mention Hasek was as stable in net as ever (Did anyone else see that Cherry bit on him during the Sabres/Sens game yesterday? Seems he was right all along.). And he keeps winning me over with things like this, too. Even if I can't read it without thinking of Marty Biron's impression of him.

It would have been nice to see a bit more done with the offensive opportunities - we certainly got a few favorable lucky bounces to help us out in the scoring department, and we're going to have to work on that if we mean to keep pace in a tough, low-scoring series like this. And I certainly don't mean to get ahead of myself - as excellent as it was, this game alone in no way defines the series. But let's not kid ourselves - what a gorgeous way to start the ball rolling.

AND! I finally got to yell "fuck you Chris Pronger!" every time he showed up on our TV!

(As for the Tigers, they pulled it off too, taking down the Twins 7-3, thank you Guillen and no thank you Rodney. What a brilliant past two evenings for Detroit sports.)


Elly said...

Every time I heard 'Neiderpronger' my ears started to bleed. Good game, though.

Anonymous said...

Hubba-hubba! The eyeliner is working for me.

KMS2 said...

What did you think about the Perry/Chelios collision? Is it just me or did it look like Perry had every opportunity to NOT run into Chelios from behind??

Steph said...

Elly: I think that started happening every time I heard Pronger's name in general last night.

Anonymous: Let's just hope it keeps working for the Wings too ;)

Kms2: Oh I definitely think Perry saw exactly where he was going on that one - he looked blatantly right over at Cheli - and there was no reason he couldn't have stopped himself. I certainly hope it's not the Ducks tactic to try to knock out more of our top defensemen playing dirty like that.

Margee said...

Best picture ever.