23 May 2007


Here's a little story:

On Monday night after I got out of work at the bar, I came home and let my dog out to go to the bathroom. It was one in the morning, so we walked, without a leash, to the abandoned parking lot across the street so he could run around in the grass. He took off, ran around, and as I went around the corner I saw him backing up from a picnic table shaking his head, on the other side was a very large and very angry-looking skunk.

Now, growing up in Vermont I have smelled skunk numerous times, had dogs that have been skunked before and such. I called Murphy (my dog) over away from the skunk and back to the apartment. I got about twenty feet before the smell hit me and I noticed that he had a large, yellow, dripping patch of skunk ick on his chest. I rushed him inside and spent the better part of the next hour and a half tormenting my dog in the bathtub with baking soda and palmolive (he hates baths).

The moral of this story? Me, my entire apartment, my dog, my two cats, my car, my clothing and even my shoes smell with a strong ode de skunk, even after multiple treatments of everything known to man...and still this year's Stanley Cup final stinks more.

Go Sens. *gack*


KMS2 said...

tomato juice. V8. use it! trust me. why? When I was 6 years old, as I was running around the side of my house I came head on with a family of skunks. I grew up in the suburbs of SoCal so go figure. Nevertheless, a V8/Tomato juice bath did the trick.

Steph said...


This is such a letdown after last year.

Anonymous said...

That's possibly the best way to explain how completely crap this year's final is.

Elly said...

Kms2: Ouch! Skunks are everywhere, the little bastards. The baking soda and dish detergent worked fairly well, my dog doesn't smell horrendous anymore...just the rest of the place that I can't soak in the tub.

Steph:....At least it's not Rod Brind'Amour?

Magses: Next year's will be better...the Penguins will be in it! ;)

Steph said...

Yeah yeah I used to say that about someone else, too...