25 May 2007

We'll be gone...but does it even matter?

Elly and I do this thing, every Memorial Day weekend, where we go to Toronto. And we hang out and we watch hockey, and we drink beer (that we've pestered my good friend Chapel into buying because he's wont to make really idiotic bets that end up costing him $50). Last year there was a glorious evening of watching the Oilers (oh my Oilers how I miss you) toss the Sharks around to take the West and it was wonderful. And thus, we have been waiting with bated breath for May twenty-fifth to roll around all year.

Unfortunately, the Hockey Gods decided we'd had enough fun. We clearly didn't deserve to spend the weekend watching the glory of the WCF - in fact, we didn't even deserve a favorable outcome to the WCF, whether or not we could watch it together, AND we had to suffer through Pronger being victorious once again.

So we decided, screw the Hockey Gods - we're off to party with HG and Sherry, eat sushi, drink spiked Slurpees, and catch a Hamilton Bulldogs game (take that NHL!); it's an International HLOG Convention!

And you know, the disgusting part is, we won't miss absolutely anything in the hockey world despite being absent from this blog for three days during playoff season. Tonight I watched basketball. It was a dark, dark day.


kristin said...

Woohoo! AHL playoff games! Hamilton is set for the sweep! Have fun...will there be spiked Slurpees at the game? Or just before and after?

Teebz said...

Even though I am not a Lady of Greatness... that sounds fun! Have a good time, ladies, and enjoy the game!

Oh, and Hamilton can smell pretty bad, so be prepared. ;o)

CapsChick said...



Take pictures, bring back stories, and somebody mail me a damn spiked Slurpee.

k.le said...

do not let sherry sway you to the dark side.
cheering for sens is like...no.

Jordi said...

This surprise better be Carey Price shipped to my door. I don't accept anything less.

Steph said...

Kristin: We actually did not acquire spiked Slurpees! But...this just means I have to go back!

Teebz: You know, I heard that, but then it really wasn't so bad! Or maybe it was just where we were, who knows.

CC: I WISH YOU COULD HAVE COME TOO! We totally need a giant all-encompassing HLOG convention with lots and lots of spiked Slurpees!

K.Le: I did my best! The only thing I gave into was an acceptance of Antoine Vermette's pretty hair.

Jordi: We uh...made you a sign? NEXT TIME! Next time I'll try to kidnap him!

Bethany said...

I feel jealous.......:(

Steph said...

Bethanyyyy! I used to come visit friends in Columbus every January and now they moved so I'm not sure I'll be there this year :( I would so suggest HLOG party part two otherwise!