31 May 2007

I am the master of my fate

You knew it was coming.

Sidney Crosby has been named the Penguins' youngest club captain, and the youngest man to wear the C in NHL history. He didn't need another 'C' on his uniform to prove he was the captain, but it does look nice anyhow.

Way to go, Sid! Congratulations!


Wow, we've been awful with the Cocky Awards....so why change now!

Steph and I have decided to make a Cocky for each Stanley Cup game. Considering that I missed most of the first one due to not being able to waitress and watch the game at the same time (I tried, damn it), and that Steph missed yesterday's horrid batch of giveaways that the Senators called a game, she will be awarding the first game's winner, and I will be announcing game 2's lucky man.

From the depth's of Steph's mind and her utter hatred for things small and quacky, Game 1's winner is: Jean-Sebastian Giguere for his silly use of a straw with which to drink his magic cocktail while in net. Splash your face like a man, Gigi!

Brought up from the bowels of Elly's bleak despair in ending up cheering for Ottawa by default, Ray Emery is Game 2's Cocky little bastard and talented goalie desperado. Not fitting the 'cocky jerk' description? How about Corey Perry being the on-ice equivalent of a plague of mosquitos?

More to come!


While I do not have any spiffy photos or fun things to say that haven't already been said, I will take a quick minute to mention what a spiffy time that was had exactly a week ago in Toronto. Coffee, AHL hockey, and fun was had by all! How cool is it that they sell Tim Horton's in the arena in Hamilton? To quote Steph, 'Who needs beer!'

Go Bulldogs!

(kudos to those who got the reference in the title)

EDIT: I'm an idiot. Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, when I was in Toronto a week ago. I love working two jobs, I really do.


KMS2 said...

What's the deal with Tim Horton's coffee? I think I saw a cafe when I was in Montreal, but other than that I've never heard of it till all the East Coast & Canadian gals started talking it up.

Steph said...

Timmy's is cheap and delicious and the coffee is good and the Iced Cappucinos are for some reason better than like anywhere else and we can't get it in most of the States, so it's a big deprivation makes the heart grow fonder thing :b


Anonymous said...

Hey, that's Henley!

As for Sid, congrats to him. Let's just hope he does a good job (not that I don't have all the faith in the world in him).

Jordi said...

Seriously you're making me wish I tried Timmy's Cappuccinos. But hey, if you ever come to Melbourne - we have many kinds of coffee like woah.

Elly said...

kms2: As a friend of mine, a native Torontonian, explained, it's like brewed crack. You take the first sip and you think, 'man, this isn't that great', and then you take another and think, 'well, okay, maybe not so bad', and by the end of the cup you're raving that it's the best coffee you've ever had. You spend the rest of your life trying to get that first perfect cup of Tim's back.

Oh, and their donuts? To die for.

Steph: You know, I don't think I've ever had their tea biscuits. I feel I am missing out.

Magses: Ding ding, we have a winner! I love that poem. :)

Yeah, I think he'll be okay, he was basically the captain before and he's got all the support he could ask for in his team.

Jordi: Really? Many different kinds of coffee, you say?

Steph said...

Elly: That is like the perfect definition of Timmy's. And SERIOUSLY!? The raisin ones are just to die for, I'm remedying this next time we're up there.

Jordi: You should have, they're wonderful! More reason to come back, right?

Margee said...

Now I really want to experience Tim Horton's, you guys. Road trip!

'Drea said...

It's not just liked brewed crack. According to the rumours there is crack in it. Or some form of addictive drug. It's in the hot chocolate too and when they have extra it goes in the timbits.

KMS2 said...

Now I regret not trying Tim Horton's and I swear there was a cafe right next to my hotel. Next time: coffee, cappuccino, tea biscuits, donuts.

Jordi said...

I shit you not, here you're not a restaurant, cafe, take-away coffee stand on the side of the station unless you have an insane starbucks espresso machines. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I never knew saying coffee would get you a black cup of coffee rather than a latte or cappucino.

Anonymous said...

Elly: yay I am the win! I love Henley in general.

You people have made me regret turning down that trip to Canada. I really want to try this mythical Tim Horton's of which you speak.

Anonymous said...

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