03 May 2007

Why hello there.

My finals are done as of 8:45 am this morning! Whoo! And that means I can concentrate again on what really runs my life: hockey.

I must admit, I haven't seen much (the last game I saw was in between studying on Sunday night, the Ducks and Canucks), but there has definitely been quite a lot going on, such as a rash of debated goals and people talking about the lack of scoring/offense that has shown up in the second round. Sure, the goals have gone down, but geez guys, give it a rest, it's only the second round! Patience is a virtue, they say....or something like that.

Anyhow, let's get a quick run down of the series so far:

-The Sabres are slipping and running aground on the endangered and toxic coral reef that is the New York Rangers. I might have to hit my head against the wall if the Rangers make it all the way to the finals. Series tied at 2-2.

-What the hell, New Jersey? What the hell...series led by the @(#R^@(-ing Ottawa Senators 3-1.

Over across the flat plains of the midwest...

-Detroit and the Sharks are biting back and forth in what looks to be a pretty exciting series. At least, that's how it seems from Steph's recaps (god I miss watching hockey). Series tied at 2-2.

-The Angry Fish aren't so angry and are falling to the still mighty Ducks. I've caught a game of this series and it seemed pretty close...what the hell is happening to the Canucks offense? Where are the Sedin twins? Is the defense hanging Luongo out to dry like some panties on a whore here? Will I ever be able to watch a Vancouver game without being distracted by Taylor Pyatt's eyes (not to mention his timely goals)? Ducks lead the series 3-1.

Playoff hockey is always fun, and I'm in a few pools this year. How did my predictions stack up so far? About mediocre (a lot better if the Pens had pulled through...curse you, Ottawa! *shakes fist*), and this round is looking to screw me terribly. My picks were:

-Devils over Senators (ugh, that was the hardest to pick)
-Sabres over Rangers
-Ducks over Canucks (although I'd rather see the Canucks win, but I didn't think it'd happen)
-Sharks over Wings (don't hate me, Steph/Detroit people! I thought they'd pull a comeback)

I still think the Sabres can make it through, although the Rangers are giving them more of a challenge than I'd have credited them for during the regular season (I'm going to rest this squarely on the shoulders of Jagr and their grumpy goalie). The Devils and Sens....well, I'm not so sure, they pulled it off in 7 a few years ago, so anything is possible, the Senators are still playing in a way I wouldn't have thought them possible of. The Canucks are most likely done...sorry Luongo! The Sharks and the Wings I really have no idea about, and from the little I have seen, it looks like they can go either way. Steph tells me that the Sharks have been on the Wings' case all year, so we'll see. Really, check out nhl.com for a better round the league recap than I can give, but it's fun to speculate.


I've been loafing around Pens sites this week during my sparse free time between exams, and it's been fairly quiet. Sidney was nominated for the Hart and Pearson awards, Lord Therrien for the Jack Adams, and both Malkin and Staal for the Calder. On a side note, I'd like to see St.Louis get the Lady Byng and Luongo the Vezina, or Kipper, for carrying the Flames in the playoffs. Aside from the Hart, the biggest one will be the Calder, and both Geno and Jordan are great candidates. I'd like to see Malkin get it just a little bit more, but man, Jordan had one hell of a season. Tough choices there.

The Hill District leaders want jobs and cha-ching out of the new arena. I'm not an expert about Pittsburgh politics, but isn't it a little pushy to ask for guaranteed jobs out of a proposed site? Is there something I'm missing here? Pittsburgh natives, help me out here.

Other than that, there isn't a whole lot going on for the Penguins right now, but the Pensblog and Empty Netters have been keeping up with business and I'd really recommend a read for both of them. Pensblog buffing up on their recap skills is always good, and EN went through the whole love affair with this season of the Pens game by game, which is worth a look or three. Also, they have a great video of Ruutu being his charming self at the World's. I can only imagine what he must be saying, and I wonder if Gonch and Malkin are shaking their heads at him.

And to end this mostly pointless post, have some comedy from the Penguins charity dinner courtesy of Maxime Talbot.


Steph said...

I just want you to know...that mention of that Knob Hockey and Luongo in the same sentence caused my brain to mash together Ilya's Russian mutterings and the entirety of the Pisaaaaaaaaaani video into one really odd ball of Behind the Mask with Roberto Luongo.

I swear if for no other reason I want the Wings to win just becauses I don't think ANYONE but Mik and I picked them to go farther this round...and like you, some of my other picks are looking sketchy.

Elly said...

I cannot even try to imagine that. I'm not sure I want to. Ow.

They're all looking iffy...especially the Devils.

CapsChick said...

Soooo...I'm about to say something that might make me sound crazy.

This video made me like Maxime Talbot. Kind of. A little. A smidgen of a slice of a fringe of a speck of a...okay, you get the picture.

Elly said...

CC: Ahaha, yes! I'm getting you to thaw that cold, wintery exterior you have towards my guys...yeah, okay, so Talbot is just cute and funny. :)