18 May 2007

This is totally worth your time, I promise.

I'm going to maintain that we lost because we didn't have Pronger out there to want desperately to destroy. Sound good? Okay? Right then. I have clearly important things to say about this game:

  • Thanks to Pookie and Schnookie's IPB game review of the last game in the series, and the number of times they mentioned it, I was paying a painful amount of attention to Dom's waterbottle and where he put it (not where it belonged, 90% of the time). Unfortunately or me this led to also noting Giguere's and all I have to say is: oh come on drink from your damn bottle like a normal person. Every time I saw him with that stupid looking STRAW I felt a new stream of unpleasantness slip from my tongue. I don't even know why, it just IRKED me. Of course that was my general mood in Giguere's direction for most of the evening. Give me Ilya!
  • Looking at the Detroit News' photo gallery, I just want to state two things about this picture. First of all, once July happens and I nab that Hemsky Pardubice jersey (just picture it with less Bulis and more Hemmer) from friends slightly more Czech-bound than me, I will be way cooler that guy. Second and more importantly, the sheer fact that there are NO ads on that jersey is not helping the "Dom is so old" case. At all. Remotely. Have you seen the Extraliga lately?
  • Possibly the guys cleaning octopi off the ice shouldn't have been so funny but come on, shovels? Dropping it? Someone needs a lesson from Al Sobotka. A+ to the guy who threw the first one though, the little ribbon was cute.
  • Valtteri Filppula's growing some scruff after all! Nevermind that it took an extreme closeup to figure this out and even then it was questionable. Come on Jiri, you're next!
  • Kyle Quincey. So cute. SO CUTE.
I'll try to have something more worthwhile tomorrow, but in the meantime, IPB has a great play by play (even if they do lean Duckwards) and Gorilla Crouch as usual has a recap up already as well.

Hey, at least the Pistons won?


Schnookie said...

I agree about the straw on Giggy's bottle. I'm actually not sure why I haven't been harping on it over at IPB... He just looks so "little kid sipping his Capri Sun" when he drinks from it.

Steph said...

Oh good so I'm not just crazy. And now it's going to stick out to me EVERY game. Of course the Capri Sun mention has me picturing him spontaneously bursting into silvery goo...

Schnookie said...

I hate him enough for the 2003 Conn Smythe fiasco, but the fact that Giggy drinks Capri Sun only makes it worse. It reminds me of my days as a painfully uncool grade-schooler; the popular girls were always able to make their Capri Suns work fine, but me? Not a chance. I always broke my straw stabbing it fruitlessly against that impervious metal surface, and ended up just going drinkless through lunch. In short, J.S. Giguere is a Heather. And I'm thirsty.

Steph said...

I had that problem too! Except more often rather than breaking it I'd finally get it to pierce through the stupid bit of shiny foil whatever and end up squirting strawberry-kiwi whateverthefuck all over myself. Now those memories are going to surface every time I see him with his weird stupid balding French head (don't you even tell me that's just a high forehead, Jean Sebastian Giguere, I will not believe you) I'm going to be reminded of these age-old lunchtime fiascos.

Crap! I hate him more!

Anonymous said...

Grow up people. You all sound like your still in grade school making fun people. Before you start making fun of someone you should find out the facts first! He suffers from a rare physical condition. When he drinks his body takes in too much air. He does not adequately assimilate fluids into his body during games and suffers from dehydration. That's why he uses a special water bottle.