11 May 2007

It's Gonna be Duck Ice Tonight!

It's too bad Schneider won't be on the ice to let them know.

This series, in my opinion, is really either team's to win or lose - it all depends on how they show up, how bad they want it, and if they can keep focused and make use of their respective strengths. Anaheim's finished off both of their opponents in four and Detroit in six, but I think most of us did expect more out of San Jose than Vancouver to begin with. Like Dave said, the prospect of Anaheim doesn't seem as scary as their fishy cousins did, but that's not to say we should all be overconfident, and we have no reason to doubt that they'll be a rough team to overcome. And yet, I believe we can do it. I voted against us in two pools - but at the same time, when I did that I was falling prey to that widespread belief that this was never meant to be our year, not compared to the way the last couple were, and I think I only even gave us that San Jose win out of loyalty. The boys decided to prove my doubts wrong, and I'm saying Detroit in 7.

If you're looking for some nice in-depth analysis I'll spare you what would only be my rehashing and instead direct you to the blogs I've picked these gems up from:

Matt of On the Wings offers:

To me, Dom is the key to this series. He needs to carry the team here and if he does, expect a result similar to the first two rounds for the Wings. That said, I hope to see the Wings as a whole play up to their potential this round, something they did not do at times against the Sharks. That inconsistency almost burned them then and could do so again, in spite of Hasek, so they’ll need to be better overall against the Ducks.
Dave of Gorilla Crouch focuses on the depth of each team:
The Red Wings’ depth on defense has taken a big hit, so their blue line runs the risk of wearing down over the course of this series. But I think Detroit’s forwards, who chip in on defense as well as having better scoring depth than either Minnesota or Vancouver, will be the difference that will turn this series in Detroit’s favor.
Earl Sleek over at Battle of California says what I've been pretending isn't so all season long:
But there may just be one key difference this year, hopefully one strong enough to sway the winds of inevitability. This time Pronger’s on our side.
Finny of Girl with a Puck weighs in on the Norris Trophy candidates:
As predictions go, I'm about ready to do a coin toss on this one. I never like seeing Detroit in the playoffs. Ducks in 6. Why? Because I pit my two-Norris-trophy-candidates to Detroits one. Ha!
And of course then there's HG at Double D(ion) with a (horribly false of course) harsh prediction of her own:
Anaheim vs. Detroit? Really? Boooooooooooring-a-rooni-dooni.

It looks like the Wings will keep the lineup they used for game six tonight - I'm not opposed to Calder but I really wish my rookie Hudler would get just a little more playoff time. This afternoon I'm barbequing to the Wings success while of course rocking the eyeliner that hasn't steered me wrong yet - and Sunday night I've scored tickets to the game so I'll be once again making a trip across the state. Finally the chance to boo Pronger in person I've been looking for all season!



KMS2 said...

Right before Detroit's second goal, I said, "Fire it, Lidstrom! Fire it!!" and he did and then the puck disappeared...and then it was in the net!! Very interesting game. I'm still not sure what I think of it. But thankfully Detroit won!

Steph said...

It was beautiful! I swear I don't think there's hardly a hockey player in the world I respect more than Nick Lidstrom.

You should clearly tell him to fire the puck more often! :)