26 March 2007

Don Cherry isn't Done Yet!

CBC Television today has a new six-year rights agreement with the National Hockey League - which means we no longer have to worry for the future of Hockey Night in Canada, which is slated to show five fewer Leafs games next season (23 instead of 28), but also to stream the Hockey Night games on CBC.ca. Video on demand.

Now if only I still lived on the East side of the state.


In other news, the Wings played a rather boring (or maybe it wasn't, maybe it was watching it on a three inch internet tv screen was what made it boring) hockey game against the Ducks with only one goal, a nice one by Pavel Datsyuk which not only won the game for us, but also was his 80th point of the season, making him the first Red Wing to earn 80 points in two consecutive seasons since Yzerman did in 95-96 and 96-97. It was an eventful night stat-wise for the Wings, as Chris Chelios was honored for most games played by an American before it started (leading Versus to comment extensively on his age, a statistic now beginning to trail, at least in sheer amount per game, the number of times Pavel Datsyuk's stick is mentioned).

Matheiu Schneider was mic'd up and he carried on a cute little conversation with a Duck that consisted of "Hey, how's it going." "Okay - bad ice you got here" (the ice was choppy because of the warm weather, from what I've heard) "It's going to be Duck ice tonight!". I'm not sure what he meant either.

The end result was a 1-0 victory, helping to prove my theory that the Wings only bother to show up to games when facing a worthwhile opponent (which someone needs to teach them causes them to lose unnecessarily). Of course I think at least part of it had to be due to Jordi's support and helping me cheer on my boys - I mean what? I said nothing, of course she didn't! (I should watch myself, I don't want to end up getting stuck having to cheer for her Habs when I least expect it, right?)

Game Stats of note:

Pavel Datsyuk: 1 goal.
Andreas Lilja: Actually fought Travis Moen. Almost succeeded.
Mentions of Dom's age: An astounding 0!
Mentions of Chelios' age: 3
Mentions of Datsyuk's stick: 3
Ilya Bryzgalov: Is cute sitting backup (shhhh)

Next up the Wings taken on the Predators for the final in the season series on Thursday and I plan to catch the game somehow - just how is a matter that has yet to be decided but I was invited to a friend's who gets the channel, and for the right amount of beer....

Also today (or rather yesterday, now) is/was the ten year anniversary of the infamous Turtle incident and of what I have to agree with Christy is probably my favorite Wings game ever. Speaking of Christy, she gives an amazing recap of the entire event, completely with pictures, videos, and the history of how it all started right here over at Behind the Jersey, which is far more detailed than anything I might come up with it - Wings fan or not, it's a great read.


Finally, I just don't think I can get away with not posting this - so here's a little bit of my favorite Ales Hemsky speaking some Czech for you. All I can understand is the very last bit which is him saying thank you for....something. But what I can promise is that he's not saying "I LOVE YOU", or at least not like the terrifying Oilers PPV insider guy seems to think he is.

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hockeygirl said...

Bwaaa heeeeee... How much do I love McCarty? A lot (but not so much that I think he has a spot in the line-up anymore).