13 March 2007


While the good news just keeps pouring in, I am a little surprised by the response from the Sprint Center's corporate owners, the Anschutz Entertainment Group. The article says that while they have never been dependant on the Pens moving (and this isn't a surprise), they are now looking at the Preds? I'm not sure if I'm insulted or not. I mean....really, the Preds? I'd make more fun of them if they weren't, you know, kicking everyone's asses.

Huge game tonight. Go Pens!


Steph said...

Just wait until we thrash (...okay really I was not thinking Atlanta with that word choice) them around a little tonight...and tomorrow night...and then make fun.

'Drea said...

I am so torn as neither team can afford to lose this one! That says the Pens have a major advantage coming off the a high of the news of the arena deal and home ice to boot.

And KC just needs to suck it up and accept that they are a lost cause >>

Teebz said...

Go Pens. 'Nuff said.

Elly said...

Steph: I sure hope so...just as long as Anaheim isn't on top, I'm okay. No matter how cute Ilya is.

'Drea: I would not blame you for choosing Buffalo, although I think they can afford to lose a few, lol.

Teebz: Go Pens says it all.

Teebz said...

The picture that is currently up on today's blog entry might be the working image for my t-shirt. Mario's image on the front, and his accomplishments on the back.

Great game last night, too. Two points in the SO is better than none in regulation.