05 March 2007

Well shit

This does not sound good. And this, frankly, sounds like a bunch of bureaucratic crap.

I'm trying not be a downer, and whine and cry, 'Oh, the Pens are leaving, might as well just give up!', but this is not making it any easier to hold the faith. It seemed as though the Pens' management wasn't happy with the proceedings when they wouldn't comment during this, and now to say that they are actively seeking relocation? People have said that this is just a bargaining ploy, tons of teams have done it before...but doesn't it seem a little late in the game to be posturing? The franchise, as everyone can see, is hot and definitely wanted...it wouldn't be a stretch to say that they could easily find a home, albeit without the die-hard fans that now reside in Pittsburgh. Will they continue to negotiate for an arena and try to get past this 'impasse'? That's the question, I suppose.

Does Icee have to cut a bitch to get an arena?


'Drea said...

Not that I probably need to add to the worry but my dad just handed me the Buffalo paper that had an article about the Pens which is strange enough by itself but went on to basically say if you want to see them do it now >>

Obviously I'll keep to Pittsburgh and hockey media for straight facts but seeing it didn't make for any happy ;-; do you think we can bribe them with candy for a new arena?

Sherry said...

"Does Icee have to cut a bitch to get an arena?"

YES. That would be AWESOME.

Steph said...

The Rangers/Islanders game tonight is full of headlines about arena talks breaking down...time to let this weigh on my internal debate about whether or not $209 of savings account interest means a trip to Pittsburgh.

Elly said...

'Drea: Yeah, I bet people are saying that. All the rest of their home games are sold out.

Sherry: It really would. Sudden Death all over again! Although hopefully a giant penguin mascot wouldn't end up in a dishwasher. (although I am not sure I would have words for how excellent it would be to have Van-Damme save the Igloo)

Steph: As much as I like having the Pens in the media, this was not what I meant. And hey, it's only money...to the LAST game that they will ever play in Pittsburgh as the Penguins. (I really hope that I'm wrong)