29 March 2007

Damn straight!

That's right. Number 2 never looked so good.

Of course, with placing second in the Eastern Conference comes other issues, such as facing any number of a myriad of other teams (such as Tampa Bay, Carolina, New York (Islanders and Rangers), or even Toronto). Boston, however, is not in the picture, as their loss tonight has officially put them out of the playoff runs.

Some thoughts on the game:

-I almost fell asleep during the second period. Thought I was watching the Devils for a bit.
-Talbot was great, as was Christensen...where the heck did this kid come from?
-Does anyone else think that Laraque is like an ocean liner? Moves slow, but who's going to argue?
-Colby played really well, he was where he needed to be, came in hard, and put the body on every Bruin he could. Of course, he also missed half of the 1st due to a missed high-stick call to the noggin.
-What the hell was Ward on? He was out for Penguin blood.
-Fleury = amazing. That stop on Bergeron should have been 5-10 for robbery.
-Whenever I whine that Geno is slowing down, not producing, nabbing bad penalties (which he still is, and he really needs to stop), he goes and gets a goal. I'm going to start making this a habit.
-Orpik has really been producing the last few games, coming in hard and looking in line for a goal. Melichar didn't make me want to punch him in the head either.

Overall a great game, minus the boring 2nd period. Sorry for the lame recap, my eyes are about to fall out of my head. Next game is against the Leafs (who snagged a point tonight) on Saturday. Go Pens!


'Drea said...

I ended up watching most of the second period upside down (weird thing my feed does) it was so boring that I was too lazy to fix it.

It's a bad sign that I took offense to habs not being on that list isn't it?

Elly said...

Oh crap, I actually just completely forgot about them. Whoops! It's an incomplete list, anyhow, I'm sure they're not done yet.

Steph said...

"or even Toronto", 'ly? :P

Elly said...

Uh...I didn't mean it that way!