09 March 2007

Achy Breaky Hockey Hair

Shush, that song makes me laugh.

Anyway, hey everybody, the Wings have a
game tomorrow! I know it's only been since Tuesday, but jeez, when I'm on spring break and even Versus is failing me so I have to watch nothing but little tiny 300x200 pixel screens of slow-moving, choppy-sounding miserable feed Chinese internet TV to get my hockey fix, and there are none of those pesky "responsibility" things around to distract me, it gets old fast!

So to keep myself entertained, I will proceed to whine about injuries.

First of all, the Oilers. Have we all seen this? Yes? Does everyone realize they played a full period of hockey with four defensemen (which at some point became three, did it not?) the other day? And that they have just called up their
last possible d-man (Brian Young, and what a record he has: No goals, one assist in 8 games this season in the AHL. SWEET!) before having to go digging around in juniors. I think little Laddy (with his second NHL goal ever, everyone say awwww) put it best in this article: " I'm looking around like, what happened. Janny goes down, Stevie goes down. That's a bad situation when you have to play 40 minutes with only four defencemen." (Shh I totally didn't quote that whole thing just because I love his little nicknames for everyone.)

Not to mention Ales was out on a Third Jersey day and let me just tell you how pretty he looks in those, but I'll stop before I encroach on Hot-Oil territory - they're better at it than me anyway.

Everyone on that injury page is either out or doubtful for the next game with the exception of Mathieu Roy who's still questionable, and that certainly doesn't look good. I'm beginning to think it's some sort of Oilers curse, and it doesn't take pains to note the current roster - even Smytty limped off the ice today.

Moving right along, the Red Wings. How many guys out now? When we've got the Young Guns up playing 15 minutes each per game you know it's something ridiculous - and yet everyone's been holding their own and pulling it off. It's nice to see the team picking up some line depth again and still scoring a good number of goals without powerhouses like Zetterberg and Holmstrom up there bailing us out game after game.

So what am I complaining about here? Well folks, it's time for shallow hockey fan time! So
despite seeing where there could be benefits, and admitting that it's not like we lost anything on the deal, I still sort of want to growl in Todd Bertuzzi's general direction when the chance comes up, and this being said, the idea of him (okay I know I'm completely overplaying this and it's not only because of Todd Bertuzzi) being what knocks my little rookie out of the regular lineup (as predicted by more than one person including myself, but more notably Ansar Khan and Matt of On the Wings) once everyone comes back from all these injuries!? Bah!

I think this conversation between Skye of MWORO and I sums it up quite nicely:

Me: Well with Bertuzzi on the second line barring any more injuries (this is a projection from when everyone is healthy again) it's Jiri and Langfeld that'll probably get bumped off as reserves.
Skye: ...*twitchy* (at which point I assume her internet knocked out again as it has been doing)
Me: *chews on the internet for you?*
Skye: No, the twitchy was toward Bertuzzi.
Me: *chews on Bertuzzi for you?*
Me: ....ew rabies.

Not to say that I find anything wrong with this decision - Hudler is the most likely to end up as a reserve and it makes perfect sense. Still doesn't help me love Bertuzzi any more.

Last but not least on the injury topic how about that hit from Simon tonight? Ugh, brutal. Let's the punishment wheel spin - hey maybe we'll actually get some justice huh?

(Oh and one more thing, how about injury to fans? If that whole Pens escapade doesn't get closed up soon I think it's going to give me - and my wallet for that matter, thank you megabus.com for your $14 tickets to Pittsburgh - some sort of heart condition. I can't even imagine what Elly or the Pensblog guys are going through over it right now. Not to mention the pain of my head connecting fairly harshly with my desk after tonights announcement that it had been decided.....to resume discussion Wednesday.)


Anonymous said...

As a pure aside, would you happen to know if there's a way to get Leafs games on your computer? Which program is it that shows hockey games? I'm a TV-less freshman in residence, and the TV lounge is always taken over by drunk guys :(

Steph said...

I definitely haven't been able to catch them all - but I know sometimes comcast shows games live (google comcast live hockey and you'll pull it up) and there are programs like sopcast and TVU (both of which are weird internet tv programs and both of which will have Leafs Nation sometimes though sopcast usually shows more Western games and TVU I haven't gotten much from both the occasional LN and NESN for Boston games) that I use...I don't know how good of programs either of them are, but I haven't had any computer issues from them yet, so you might try it.

Good luck! (And I know how you feel, ugh it sucks when you know you COULD get a game...but you don't have a place to WATCH it.)

Anonymous said...

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