13 March 2007

Never felt so good

I could write about how I received a text from Steph when I was leaving work, and how I stood outside in the cold, trash in hand, gaping at my phone while my friend looked at me in confusion as I fought tears of pure relief. This entire post could say how I started screaming and yelling in the parking lot and stepped in a snow bank without noticing, ran back inside the bar, tackled the bartender, bought a round for the crowd that had heard me worry, and cry, and still believe. Perhaps I might tell about how we raised our shot glasses and drank to the Pittsburgh Penguins, even the Flyers fan, and then I could tell how that sweet liquor had never tasted so good, fresh on my lips after the word Pittsburgh.

Maybe I'll just let the Penguins tell it instead.


Teebz said...

In Mario, I trust.

This is perhaps the greatest news out of Pittsburgh since the 1992 Cup win. Yes, greater than the Super Bowl. Ok, maybe not bigger than drafting Sid the Kid. But it's huge. :o)

Elly said...

There should be t-shirts that say that. How many times has he saved the Pens' asses?

Man, that was a huge win. I can't imagine what the next Cup will be like.

Teebz said...

Elly, you might be on to something here. I'm gonna see if I can get a t-shirt made. If they look good, I'll even hawk them on my site.

However, since you generated the idea, I'll see if I can supply a "sample" for free to you.

Ellie said...

haha even the Flyers fan : ) and yes I plan on doing a shot in honor tonight - that'll be during the third period when we're kicking buffalo ass : )

"in mario we trust" indeed.

Elly said...

Teebz: Lol, that'd be awesome. I don't know if anyone else has said it should be on a shirt (but really, I wouldn't be surprised. How many times has that man saved the Penguins and hockey in Pittsburgh?), but that slogan is timeless. You could make a whole line, bumper stickers, pins...who knows!

Ellie: He even cheered for the Penguins! It was a great moment, and all from Mario.