29 March 2007

Your mission, should you choose to accept it!

Man your battlestations! Gather your Petrs, we're going on a rescue mission! Who's with me!?
(First stop Minnesota - I'm still mad at Boogard!)

Elly, in what I can only assume was a (vastly successful) attempt to remind me why exactly I am so addicted to texting (preying on my Hemsky love like that, for shame!), just forwarded this to me. My usual victims weren't around to appreciate, so blog-spam it is! Save the Ales! Save the Oilers!

(Why does he need to be saved? Well, because sometimes the deluded little fellow thinks it's okay to do things like take on Chris Simon - and Ryan Smyth's not there to help him out anymore. Or maybe it's from the pool of suck that the Oilers have become. We might never know.)


Elly said...

Save the Ales!

'Drea said...

Since the rhyme is lost I want you to try and explain the whale now.

Elly said...

It's actually a keg made to look like the top part of a whale. It's much clearer in person, and I suck at taking pictures.

If you meant in the general sense of the pun, then the whale would be...the Oilers' giant looming lack of defense and healthy players that has plagued them like Moby-dick to Captain Ahab? The end of the season can be likened to when Moby-dick charges the Pequod, slowly killing off the craft and letting the crew, the Oilers, sink beneath the waves of failed management and bad trade decisions.

How's that?

Steph said...

Elly there are reasons you're my favorite. This is a large one.

And here I was just going to say something about the colors being vaguely appropriate.

Elly said...

Haha...all that was before coffee, too!