06 March 2007

Things go better when they don't distract us with those hideous third jerseys

A very brief post-game entry that was liveblogged but not actually posted timely enough to be live! I'm missing a lot of content because I was doing about fifteen other things while I was watching this, but here's what I did get:

Does anyone understand how that first Datsyuk goal went in? I certainly don't, but it does nothing to detract from my love of Pavel. Also, I'm beginning to think giving the Wings a two man advantage within the first five minutes of the game is a script for any team visiting the Joe.

Right around twelve minutes left, Jiri snatched the puck and looked really nice maneuvering around a couple Preds - the sort of Hemsky-like grace you really don't expect from the kid. Of course I don't ever expect that to be his signature, but it was nice to see it working and a definite improvement over some of the rough-edged skating he's done thus far.

How on earth did we not just score when Calder had the wide open net just that? That's the second nice chance the guy's gotten tonight and just couldn't quite pull it off. And did they just say Hudler's dad played on the 80-something Olympic team?

Oh Osgood. Nice save, too bad you had no idea how you made it and certainly didn't see the puck at all - therefore making you unable to control the rebound at all.

"Bucket full of chintzy hooking calls," say the announcers after period one - and isn't that the truth.

I didn't see that second goal - oops. I blame Hockeygirl for distracting me - I was busy trying to defend liking Tucker and I forgot I was watching hockey. I don't know where this anger toward Ozzie is coming from lately considering I generally like him well enough, but I seem to be willing to blame him.

What on earth were they just doing showing Ozzie make that goal way back when?

The Lang goal was nice - and before the traces of "do-lang-do-lang" fade away, Schneider grabs the puck and lets go of a beautiful long shot for his 200th on the season, a mere 25 seconds after Lang's.

I switched to the Boston/Colorado game during the second period intermission and I just have to laugh every time I see Chara's skating around with that that stick of his - I swear it has to be at least a half a foot longer than half the guys out there.

I missed a bunch of the third period, but I did see Osgood make a really nice save to keep the game 3-3 - he's lucky, I think if he'd let that in he might have heard me swearing all the way from here.

Every game between these two seems to end in OT, which I suppose goes to show the nature of this battle to get on top of the Central division - but it's damn annoying! I'll spare everyone the bitching about shootouts - but it was really interesting to see who Detroit put out there with Zetterberg, Holmstrom, and Williams not there. Okay, okay, so really I was just happy about the rookies getting a chance. Pavel's goal was nice, Jiri was adorable; wanted to go top shelf the way he likes but couldn't quiet get it up, and he looked so adorably mad at himself afterward. Val had a good chance that almost made it through, and of course Franzen finished it off for us. Ozzie actually looked really nice in the shootout, I take back some of my earlier complaints.

The announcers talked about what I've been saying for about a month now after the game - how the Wings play so well in front of Hasek and then sort of leave Ozzie (and Joey, when he was still here - before Boston ate him, as Elly put it) out to dry. I still don't understand why that is, unless we are really so scared of Hasek hurting himself if he has to make more than fifteen or so saves per game.

They also interviewed Ozzie and he looks rather paranoid and twitchy, for some reason - and I didn't realize the Wings had such a bad record in OT this year.

Always worth mentioning:

Mentions of Dom's age on channels not even showing the Wings game: 2
Mentions of Cheli's age: 1


Also! Valtteri Filppula and Dan Cleary will be signing autographs down at Gibraltar Trade Center on Saturday from 2-4 p.m. - I just rescheduled a court date for a speeding ticket so I could go. Let me know if any of you are going to be there!

(And let me a have a moment of happy over the Leafs shutout and the Pens ridiculous come from behind win.)


Sherry said...

I've always posited a theory that Nashville's gastro-intestinal coloured third jerseys were meant to distract the opposition, cause them to throw up, and make them lose.

hockeygirl said...

Mwaaa haaa haaa

Although, you distracted me too so we're even.

For now.

Steph said...

Sherry - It has to be. I mean what else could you possibly intend with a jersey like that? I think the players probably have to go through special puke-jersey stamina practices or something so they can play full hockey games wearing them with their eyes open and live.

HG - Hmm...I'll leave my extra-strength work gloves at home today in that case.