31 March 2007

Not-so falling Leafs.

Kaberle gets ready to kill another Penguin.

It's not possible to fall out of the playoffs now, is it? Because it certainly felt like the Pens were being eliminated tonight...or maybe it's just been so long that a loss felt twice as horrid.

I can't give a good recap since, out of the goodness of my heart and my deep deep love of friendship, I missed the first period and most of the second. I got the bartender (I told my friend I would meet her for some bar chow...and ended up getting stuck watching the end of a final four game) to switch just as the Leafs made the score 4-1. Next thing I know, after I whined about T-bo being in net, was Fleury coming out to blind us all with his yellow pads. Fleury was incredible tonight, as was Talbot.

The third was a blur. The Pens came out and battled, and after some of the ugliest, sloppiest power play work I have ever seen, fought back through some vicious hockey, tied it up. The tying goal, done by one Mr. Whitney at around 4.4 seconds left, had my section of the bar yelling. OT came, and while my friend was distracting me by telling me how much Sidney looked 13, the Leafs scored on a screened 5 hole shot by Kaberle up top. Argh. I also had a guy at the end of the bar ask me, 'is Sidney Crosby any good'. Needless to say I had to set him straight. The requiste Flyers' fan showed up right before the OT goal to rub it in.

What does this mean (other than that I must have pissed off the Hockey Gods today)? The Pens are still in the playoffs, and really, at this time in the season, that's all that matters. And positioning. And who we play in the first line. And home ice advantage. Ah hell.

Now I'm going to watch Calgary bend over the Canucks. Next game for the Pens is against the Buffaslugs on Tuesday, then a real slugfest against the Senators on Thursday.

Go Pens, baby.


Steph said...

Nah, you didn't piss them off.

They just love me. Still. Sort of. Sometimes.

Elly said...

They must love you for that Kaberle shot in OT.

Steph said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure they pick and choose - yesterday's Leafy results were decidedly less awesome (AND NONE OF IT WAS EVEN PRUCHA'S FAULT!).