18 March 2007

But hey, we got a point! (Or: Oh how my standards have fallen!)

File this under: predictions I wish I hadn't made.

Steph (10:06:02 PM)
: Smid has played about four minutes less than the other top D guys right now and given the Oilers luck lately it worries me.
Elly (10:07:10 PM): Don't tell me that.
Steph (10:08:55 PM): Oh fuck.
Elly (10:09:39 PM): ...don't even say it.
Steph (10:10:06 PM): Puck to the stomach in front of the net had to be helped off the ice.
Elly (10:15:19 PM): I'm sure Laddy is okay.
Elly (10:15:22 PM): I'm SURE.
Steph (10:16:18 PM): 'Midsection' doesn't sound too bad...then again knowing Edmonton he probably broke his spleen or something.

Ladies and gentlemen, as of this morning we are officially up to twelve. Spleen and kidneys are close together, right?


My lack of cable prevented me from really catching the Wings game last night (I did see it, but on an approximately 3x2ish window on my computer screen) and about the only comment I can make is that it was a very poor mental game for the Wings. HNIC's amusing little Sesame Street style way of counting off how many players were on the ice aside, six guys not just on the ice but actually in the zone attacking means someone, somewhere along the line, is just not paying attention.

At any rate we move one point back of Nashville again, but, thanks to the Thrashers (for the record there are five away messages on my buddy list either thanking or damning them, none of which come from Thrashers fans) are still tied with Buffalo...and a point ahead of the once again closing in Ducks.


And last but not least, Happy Birthday to Lord Stanley's cup, and my excellent co-blogger Elly! Clearly with a shared birthday like that it's no wonder hockey's in her blood. If anyone knows how best I could snare Ethan Moreau as a present let me know. (Or hey, if I make outlandish predictions about the Pens, maybe they'll come true too?)


Elly said...

Ahh, Chopper. If only he was single...and in my timezone.

'Drea said...

Actually Buffalo still overtook Detroit though it's really just a tie for now.

Steph said...

Technically we were never "ahead" of you per se because there were always games in hand. My figuring is only that we're a point up, though a win down, and still one behind on games.

hockeygirl said...

Happy birthday, Elly!

Elly said...

Thanks, HG!