21 March 2007

Round and round and round and round....

The Sens or the Pens? Pens or Sens? Seems like every day there is a new fourth and fifth (currently tied with Ottawa having a game in hand, 4 and 5th place), and it seems that even the coaches are getting into it. Sidney does have a mouth on him, and apparently Murray said something about it. Therrien gave him the what-for though. I love this time of year, even the coaches are getting into it. A series against Ottawa would be nail-biting, and apparently full of coach smack talk.

Nice picture on nhl.com, even if it is the Devils and the Leafs.

Poor Stevie Staios has decided that knee surgery is better than playing at this point. There's always next year, Staios.

Add the Panthers to the number of teams that have swept the Flyers this season. What's that...6 now?

I found out a little while ago that the Canucks have a player blog. I would ask why the Pens don't have one, but that's because they're too busy going out and kicking ass. It's a neat thing to read, though, and Burrows is a riot. Next season it might be neat to see more teams do this, especially the Pens. Would more players do it? Would they think it was sacreligious to type about their hockey life, exploits, plays...?

Joke of the day:

Why can't Dick Cheney play hockey?

Because he always blows the face off.

Zing. Yeah, I've got nothing else. Slow few days for the Pens, and really, at this point in time (and with the Oil drowning in a giant vat of suck) the Penguins are my sole focus. Well, and the other teams that they have to kick ass against (Ottawa, New Jersey, I'm looking at you).

Next game is against the Islanders, tomorrow at 7pm. Go Pens!

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