23 March 2007

Y is for Yzerman!

Clearly I am getting desperate. Tonight I dragged a friend away from wherever he happened to be (it should be noted I had to promise beer - this lack of cable is costing me Pilsner now) and forced him back to his dorm room so I could sit on his miserably uncomfortable failure of a futon instead of my glorious bed and watch only the second half of the Wings squeaking out a single point in a ridiculous shootout loss to the Blue Jackets. And I still couldn't manage to actually blog the game itself. (Gorilla Crouch has you covered, though, with the promise of a more full write-up tomorrow as well.)

For the record I wasn't surprised we lost. Bertuzzi looked all right out there in his debut, but the hockey itself was lackluster and hardly worth the beer I will now lose. And not to mention we shouldn't ever be expected to stand up for ourselves against teams whose records we blow out of the water, it's just not what the Wings do! I was restraining myself from even getting all that emotional about it right up until Fedorov (Fedorov!) scored the damn game winner (at which point I do believe I yelled "bitchface!" loud enough that I lost most of the friends I was there with).

PS everyone who text messaged me whether it was in sympathy or to laugh mercilessly in my face owes me 10 cents, that was not a substantial emergency and I still have $40 of overage fees to pay!

But my dear Red Wings weren't about to let me end the evening with this sort of upset. No, they knew, they knew what I'd given up for them (ladies and gentlemen this beer isn't cheap!). So I log on to the website for the sole purpose of checking the time on the St. Louis game Saturday, and I'm greeted with:

A lively debate ensued about which goalie was on the cover (the arguments being Dom never looks that happy vs. Yes but Dom always looks that crazy). Upon further investigation it has been discovered that yes, the Wings really have created The ABCs of the Detroit Red Wings. Someone probably needs to tell me I don't need one (I'm curious, leave me alone!).

If only pucks were as easy to stop as oversized brightly colored letters. (Especially with a goalie stick like that!)

And all is not lost after all! Thanks HG and your double red powered boys for cutting Nashville's points down as well!


hockeygirl said...

No problem! Had to keep the S383 running full-steam ahead. Although... You know I'm a Nash fan, right? So your SO loss made me happy! Just a little payback for all your, um, harassment. *G*

Steph said...

Shhh, I was pretending to have forgotten that unfortunate little detail.