01 April 2007

NPI Announcement!

I've thought long and hard about this, and in light of last night's disappointment with the Penguins, I've decided that I can't take the ups and downs and the losses anymore. How can I like a team that can't grow a playoff beard(except for Talbot, Recchi and Orpik, apparently, and that does not a playoff bearded team make)? That can't keep the 2nd place in the East? That lost to the Leafs? The answer is simple, uncomplicated.

I can't.

So as much as this pains me, I am giving up the flightless birds and switching to a new team, a team that I think has the might and skills to bring home a Cup: The New Jersey Devils.

Why the Devils, you ask? Well, for starters, they play a tight, well defended game, their line up has cute guys, a snazzy logo, and a rockin' goalie who's name is Marty. I just love men named Marty. They also have my favorite player! Oops, I mean, my favorite player. He's so cute! His lone goal against the Penguins was what really turned me onto him. I even got his picture in a Christmas card this year! I think he's taken, though.

Well, with my new-found team I have to get prepared for their game tonight! They're playing the Bruins at 3:30 today, and since the Bruins suck, it should be an easy game for the boys! Unlike with the Penguins' colors, I look great in red and black. I found these shoes, and I think they'd go great for a game day outfit. Or maybe these...it is spring after all, and red is the new orange this season! I've heard that bright colors are all the rage these days, and this summer especially, with red being THE color this year. I've already had compliments on my hair....which is red! Coincidence...?

Steph, who is Chicago to see the Oilers and Blackhawks, has just told me that she's sick of the Oil losing, and has so decided to jump on the bandwagon of a winning team and is going to root for the Blackhawks today. The message was a little blurry, but said something about Aucoin taking down that pretty boy Hemsky.

Well, now it's almost time for NBC to broadcast their Sunday games, and today I'm getting Detroit and the Magic Wands. I just can't wait to hear what Hull has to say today! He's a true gem of broadcasting.


'Drea said...

Yanno the slugs are having such a hard time with time with Canada, my dreams of them coming out on top are clearly all for naught and I don't know why I've been denying it this long. Your post has opened my eyes Elly. GO SENS!

Elly said...

I'm glad I was able to share such an enlightening experience with others that could help to change their lives for the better(?).

CapsChick said...

Nicely done. You've certainly inspired me. I think I'm going to switch my allegiance to the Penguins. ;)

Elly said...

Ah, another one has seen the light! We'll have you chanting 'Go Pens' before you know it. :)