11 April 2007

The Odd Couple

I just can't wrap my brain around it.

Don Cherry and Brett Hull, partnered up for the playoffs on NBC? Considering I'll still be in CBC-less West Michigan for most of the playoffs (except for a glorious weekend in Toronto!), my immediate reaction was yay Cherry! But the happy is quickly eclipsed by this most important question: Who in their right mind thought it was a good idea to let Brett Hull talk more? And on CBC even, too? I hope the Canadian fans crucify him the first time he says something idiotic. It should take about five to ten minutes.

I do love the bit where Cherry says Hull's going to have to get himself some plaids - but really, it's been a while since we've seen Cherry in something so simple, hasn't it? Everyone remembers the pictured black and white eyesore from last years Cup Finals, right? And who could forget the greenishblueishpurply debacle that happened a couple games later?

The question arises, how long will they last before one of them tries to kill the other? More importantly will there be fistfights? One can hope.


Stoosh said...

I'm probably one of the relative few in the States who love Don Cherry. I grew up in Erie and every once in a while in the early 1990s, we'd pick up the odd HNIC broadcast or a "Rock 'Em Sock 'Em" marathon from a TV station out of London, ON, and that's when I was introduced to Don Cherry.

I know he's controversial at times. I know he's nationalistic to a great degree. I don't care. I find the guy a lot more entertaining than the watered-down, fabricated, overproduced and constantly-PC crap the sports networks trot out now on so many levels (has anyone watched what's happened to ESPN and Sportscenter over the last 15 years?).

I cannot WAIT for Don Cherry.

Steph said...

Personaly I love Cherry too - maybe a lot of it comes from long Saturdays of HNIC when I was a kid living on the east side of Michigan where we could get CBC, but the news that we'd be getting him over here this playoff season made my day yesterday.

I totally agree - regardless of the controversy, give me Cherry with his ridiciulous opinions any day over the bland crap a lot of the other stations give us.

I suppose it's a little weird that a lot of what drives me crazy about Hull I'm more than willing to forgive Cherry for...

Anonymous said...

While I think both can say really stupid things, it's what will make the playoff intermissions even more so entertaining. Maybe it will even help with the NBC ratings?

I'm just thankful that I get CBC at the dorm so I can watch the Penguins play tonight!

Steph said...

Yeah as much as Hull annoys me nearly every time he opens his mouth, the combination of him and Cherry ought to make for some great intermissions.

Lucky you! I don't even have cable right now, so unless I can catch it on the internet I'm out of luck. Hoping to convince some people out somewhere to see the Wings game tomorrow though!

Elly said...

That jacket is still atrocious a year later. At least it's not the leprechaun outfit.