15 April 2007

Cocky Awards: 1st Round

The rules are simple. Vote for one nominee in the comments and we'll post up the winners tomorrow. We went a little overboard in the nominations so there are plenty to chose from. How could we not, when the sport gives us so much to work with?

(Elly's picks)
Eastern Conference:

-Don Cherry. As anyone who has listened to him knows, this man has some balls of steel. While his mouth often doesn't quite connect to the brain, he is usually pretty entertaining, but his comment about Pavel Datsyuk yesterday asking what he was covering up since he didn't have anything down there (this was shown in a clip of Datsyuk covering his face and groin area when blocking a shot during game 1 of the Flames/Wings series) was a little overboard. Not that he isn't known for bad taste, but most of the time it stops at his suit jackets.
-Marc-Andre Fleury. Speaking of ballsy, this man is insane. The last 13 seconds of the 3rd period in game 2 of their series with the Senators proved it and shut up his critics. Way to go, Flower.
- Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien. The man had a person in a penguin suit interrupt him in a press conference, only to be hauled away in handcuffs. Dork. Of course, Mayor Ravenstahl had the pictures discredited by the Pittsburgh Zoo, saying that the bird was actually a kiwi and not a penguin.

(Steph's picks)
Western Conference:

-Scott Hartnell. If you don't know why, you haven't been watching the playoffs. Don't be expecting any friendly handshakes from Cheechoo at the end of this series, Mr. Hartnell.
-Roberto Luongo. Making his playoff debut, the guy had an excellent first game. And second. And part of a third. All on the same night.
-Al Sobotka. The guy picks up octopi with his bare hands (for 30 years) and swings them around for a living. Seriously. He even has his own wiki entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Sobotka), I mean come on.


CapsChick said...

Oh, man...how can I possibly choose? Let's go with Don Cherry, just because. I'm amazed the man can fit his head through the CBC studio doors. :)

Elly said...

Seriously! He is certainly one of a kind...thankfully.