05 April 2007

Wings vs. Blackhawks Liveblog!

For the record the rest of the season (with regard to teams who could take our lead away) looks as follows:

  • Wings: Two games; Chicago both times.
  • Sabres: Three games; Bruins, Flyers, Capitals
  • Ducks: Two games; Stars, Blue Jackets
  • Nashville: Two games; Blues, Avalanche
We'd have to lose both for the Ducks to pose a threat, and the best Nashville can do is tie us (and for either to matter the Sabres would have to have a giant meltdown) which leaves the Sabres as our biggest threat - we need both these games, and the Bruins have tonight to pull something off and win me over - come on Patrice, my choice in grad schools depends on you tonight!

Ready Set Liveblog!

11:14: Holmstrom tries a deke that goes way wide...argh. Then again, it was not as bad as Hamilton's miss. Hudler couldn't push it up and Sharp tossed one in to pull off the victory. Ugh, everyone get ready to hope the Sabres crash and burn in the next two games.

11:13: Lang's 0-3 for shootout goal attempts...and now 0-4. Ozzie made a nice save over Vrbata though.

11:12: I have loved Jason Williams so much more since he got traded, inexplicably...but not right now.

11:11: I didn't have to make a wish, YES PAVEL! Right through the five hole too, beautiful - much less sneaky than he usually tries.

11:07: This OT has had some really close calls, but the Wings have kept major control of the puck. Couldn't do anything much with it, though, and there goes the shootout.

11:01: This game just does not want to end. 51 shots on goal, seriously?

10:48: It's been a while since I've seen Lang with moves that nice. Damn you Khabibulin.

10:38: It's a goal! For once McGeough did something weird that didn't turn out awful for me. And there go the fans, tossing an octopus on the ice in Chicago even. I'm not sure if they gave it to Lang or Calder....but right now I don't really care.

10:33: McGeough still looks like he has some form of Tourette's whenever he makes a call. Let's hope this pp is more successful than the last few.

10:24: Osgood can't decide if he wants to make me worry every time he plays or not. I don't know how three Wings ended up behind the net there, but at least he pulled off the save.

10:19: Bertuzzi's out with a neck strain, won't be back this game - looks like it was the Osgood collision, let's just hope it's nothing bad.

10:01: Holmstrom! Finally!

9:59: Someone needs to tell Andrew Raycroft that his friendly goal crease should not be so kind to the opposing team. Also, Buffalo wins too.

9:51: Where on earth is Bertuzzi? I haven't heard his name in a while... I hope that collision with Osgood wasn't anything damaging.

9:40something: Oh come on, guys. This is quickly becoming the worst liveblog ever. I'm not sure if this is my fault or if really nothing is happening in this game.

9:37: Datsyuk has more assists than any Blackhawk does points. We are not playing like we realize this.

9:32: ARGH. Let's take a penalty, too, sound good?

9:21: Ride the Red Wave? Seriously. What.

9:10: I read somewhere that Robert Lang has one of the worst turnover rates in the league, I think (I specifically remember Jason Smith being involved in that statistic as well, and I think it was third in turnovers behind Jagr and Smith but don't quote me). There was another one.

9:08: Personal bias aside, Hudler looks really good out there tonight - I like seeing him on Flippula's line again, too.

9:04: Nothing happened on that powerplay - but I really like the Lang - Hudler - Bertuzzi line.

In other news, the Leafs are tied (yay..ish!) and the Habs are down three (more yay!) but Buffalo just scored, bringing that game to 3-2. And Edmonton's down two but it's not like anyone's surprised there.

8:54: First mention of Chelios' age.

8:52: I missed the first few minutes driving (including the Bertuzzi goal) but the only Hawk I like who isn't Jason Williams is out until next season? That hit didn't look nearly bad enough to cause that - but neither did Ethan Moreau's.

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