03 April 2007

A picture is worth a thousand words

Three Sabres beat down a Penguins' player before the game

Thoughts on tonight's Pens game against the Buffaslugs:
-I want to know what was said in the locker room during the 1st intermission...and then make sure it is never said again. Ever.
-Colby took off his visor. Nice shiner, Army.
-Whitney out with for 'precautionary measures'. I think the results show some of his presence missed.
-Laraque cracks me up. 400 pounds indeed.
-The last 10 minutes by the Pens were the best during the whole game. I lost count of the 'almost' goals.
-The post was a wonderful thing tonight.
-Sidney was in some sort of distress at the end of the game. Obviously this is in reaction to the ending score.
-Recchi scores the lone goal of the game to break his longest dry spell.
-Fleury confirms my belief that he does not have a spine...and that he is secretly a ninja in his spare time (either that or he's a closet Hasek fan). Amazing rolling save.
-I've seen Malkin get a little scrappy once, all season, and I'd like to see him play with a little more spit and fire in his step.

For the other teams in the running:

I gotta say I never want to see Sean Avery in a one piece. Or a two piece, for that matter. I couldn't find a good picture to describe the Habs win over the Bruins, but I really wanted to use this if the Canadiens lost. The Instigator is a great comic. Islanders win over the Rangers to keep the Rangers from securing the postseason, the Caps won over the Panthers, and Tampa Bay slapped the Canes around like a little girl to kick them out of the playoffs, which is the first time in NHL history that both of the previous season's finalists for the Cup have not made the postseason in the subsequent year. Maybe if Ward did a little less posing....

This picture represents the Ottawa/New Jersey game, who only decided to wake up and score a goal at the end of the third to take it into OT to continue the pain as long as possible. Devils win, 2-1. Hello Ottawa.

Maple Leafs win over the Flyers. Kaberle is thrilled.

With the Devils win, I feel this diagram that I happened to stumble on shows the general feeling on the Devils and the Senators, which looks to be sealed now as the Pens' dance partner unless they totally flop against the Flyers. Yeah right. Just put 'in the ass' after 'chronic pain' and you've got the New Jersey Devils.


The end of the season for the Rangers, Canadiens, Islanders and Toronto is going to be an interesting finish. As of right now the Rangers are in 7th (91), Habs in 8th (90), Leafs hanging on the outside in 9th (89), and the Islanders trailing just behind (88). The last week's schedule seems ready-made for this situation:


Toronto/Canadiens (this is going to be a killer game)


What an end to the season, these are going to be great games. The best, of course, is going to be the Pens and the Rangers on Saturday. Guess who's got tickets? The Habs and the Leafs going at it is going to be a fabulous game, a perfect cap to the line up.

Next game for the Pens is against their playoff partners, the Ottawa Senators. Interesting tidbit: according to the OLNUSUSUS announcers, no one wants to play the Penguins in the playoffs. A nice thought.

Go Pens!


'Drea said...

Comparing that save to Hasek was a bit of a damper but it was so ridiculous that I'm not inclined to care.

Laraque also gives me a new reason every game to love him more and love him as a Pen.

Sorry about the crushing victory :\ though it was quite the reverse of the last time they met in terms of how they played but I still wish the Pens could've salvaged a point especially with Jersey refusing to go down in flames like my dreams dictate.

Elly said...

That Fleury save was the highlight of the game. What a terrible 60 minutes of hockey.

Devils suck.

Sherry said...

Yeah, I sort of love that you use Bert as Kaberle. Because I can TOTALLY see the resemblance.

That is Bert right? I've never watched Sesame Street. I only know who Elmo and the Cookie Monster are.

Steph said...

I have to second Sherry, Bert/Kaberle is possibly my favorite thing that's ever happened in this blog. (Maybe a close second to Save the Ales but I think personal bias plays in there.)

Elly said...

Sherry: Thanks! I'd like to take credit for it, by my best friend Beth, who is a die-hard Leafs fan, is the one who said it first. He really does look like Bert, though.

Steph: Save the Ales STILL kills me. I almost choke every time I drink out of that cup.

Anonymous said...

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