22 April 2007

The show must go on

I sat down and watched the Devils and the Lightning play today and was pleasantly surprised with the pace and action of the game. It was a good game, lots of actions, plays, and super goal tending, although I found myself thinking constantly of the Penguins, what they could have done and how watching hockey isn't the same without them in the running. I kept catching myself thinking about the next Penguins game, only to realize that it is months away. Sigh. Anyhow, with the Devil's win that puts them up against the cursed Senators and the Sabres and Rangers in a battle of New York. Should be an interesting match up...and as much as it makes dog bark and howl in pain every time I think it, I might have to cheer for the Devils out of pure spite.

In other non-moping news, Jamie 'Noodles' McLennan has been suspended for his slash and whack on Detroit's Franzen. I didn't see the end of the game, only highlights, and Steph already covered it in her previous post, so I won't go into specifics. It does seem strange, however, to have this happen right in the middle of a series. I can understand trying to send a message to the other team in a blow out, you want to come back hard and fast, give the other team a little bit to think about, but nothing excuses dirty play, and slashes like that (as well as several other penalties and questionable acts) are never okay. That being said, Noodles has never been shown to have this type of behavior in him (please correct me if I'm wrong, but I've never heard about him doing anything like this before), and I know a lot of people are asking if this was purely coaching. McLennan is coming up to free agency soon, and to disobey a coach or go against the 'team's' wishes, can be a death sentence career-wise, and from Playfair's point of view, McLennan was the most expendable body on the bench. Does this make it okay? No, and he shouldn't have hit Franzen like that, but you have to wonder how much of it was provoked (he was on the ice less than a minute) and how much was expected. If this was all Playfair, then I'm not even sure what to say. Sending out a message to the opposing team is fine, as is rough play, some pushing, maybe even a fight, but diliberate dirty play from an otherwise clean player? Should we be talking about dirty coaching?


In Penguins news, Recchi and Roberts say that playing in Pittsburgh is defintely an option next year, and they both like it. Gonchar also told the Trib that Malkin was feeling a little pooped at the end of the year from the season and the playoffs, which I think we were all wondering about. Maybe next year he'll be better prepared for the long run and the postseason and we'll be able to see his true form come out. We believe in you, Geno!

Some interesting thoughts on what to upgrade and who to get. On the list: Chris Drury, Bill Guerin, Alexei Morozov (hello again?), and Kris Letang is rumored to be getting ready to make the jump up. Most of what the Pens are looking for are goal scorers and some offensive defensemen, which is really no surprise. Who's out? I'm guessing Scuderi, Melichar, Cairns, Nas might stay, and maybe Thorburn, although I think he has potential if he can get it together. There are a number of UFA's coming up, so the Pens might look quite a bit different next year. Lots of articles are out wrapping up the Penguins' season, saying what to expect next year, and what they need to get/move in order to accomplish this (go to the Post-Gazette page to read, there's a bunch and I didn't want to be a link whore), but I won't go into it too very much (yet). The summer should give us all a good idea about what Shero is willing to spend and how to plan for the next few seasons (let's not all forget that Crosby and Fleury are coming up at the same time for UFA's. Sid has said that he's thinking of starting negotiations, but nothing from Fleury yet).

The Dread Captain Murray says that Heatley has yet to get his motor running. Great, just run us into the ground and then tell everyone that you're not going at full steam.

In a completely unrelated random,and yes, rather girlish note, where were you hiding this, Tampa Bay? Even though it makes me slightly ill to say this of a former Duck, that man is gorgeous. And look, Parise is welcoming him to the east while Lecavalier laughs. Don't laugh, Vinny, he doesn't share Journey with Mighty Mouse.

EDIT: On looking around ESPN I found this mullety offering. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed with Melrose's offerings, although I will agree with the Parros one. Check out the mullet gallery linked on the top of the page and take a gander at #5, one of the best mullets ever! Classic. Also #2 is the best current mullet in the game.


Heather B. said...

Keep your grubby paws off of Drury. Otherwise carry on as you must :-)

Elly said...

Lol. I just washed my hands, I'll have you know! :)

'Drea said...

If you take Drury I don't think we can be friends anymore >>

Elly said...

Geez, what's with the Buffalo hate! We also said we were interested in Smytty, too, and no one has gone anywhere yet. Besides, as much as I'd like a nice goal scorer like Drury, I really expect Buffalo to try to snap him up if they can.

Interchangeable Parts said...

So glad to hear you're joining the Devils fold (even if it's just for the next four games and if it's under duress)! Our advice for watching the team: low expectations.