06 April 2007

NPI Announcement! (not an April Fools joke this time)

Have you ever been watching the game and thought, 'Man...what a cocky bastard Player X is', or 'Wow, that was a ballsy move', or even, 'What a complete retard, I can't believe they said/did that'?

We have, multiple times. And so, in honor of the playoffs and all things good and fun, we present the first ever series of the Cocky Awards (it's a rooster, you pervs). Running from Saturday to Saturday, with the weekly winner announced on Monday, this will start this Saturday and run through the Cup. We will pick one player from either division for the week's contestants, post them Sunday and close the voting Sunday night, putting the winner up the next day. We'll be trying voting by reader, so make sure to look for it on Sundays! If this doesn't work out, we'll just put up our contestants, argue about them for hours, and then put up whatever we feel like.

Sometimes serious, mostly just for fun, and never to be taken seriously, the Cocky Awards! What does the winner get, you ask? A whole fat load of nothing...and the award, of course, the Golden Rooster (I'll actually make a better graphic instead of just filching one off of a site later).

Who can be nominated for this prestigious hunk of bad photoshop glory? Anyone within the National Hockey League organization. That includes GMs, coaches, ice girls, and of course, the players.* If you catch someone being an idiot, making a stupid statement, being a jerk on/off the ice, making an incredible play, taking a chance for the Best Goal Ever, or if someone makes a play around all five players and still puts it in around a stunned goalie (ala Jagr in 92), let us know.

So that's the scoop! Look for the up coming nominees next Saturday, I'm sure this HNIC will give us some good ones. Now I'm off to Pittsburgh for the last game. Third row from the glass, can't wait!


*Sean Avery is henceforth exempt from this as he would take the award every week.


Ellie said...

ooo i'm excited - i'm going to start making a list : )

Teebz said...

I like this idea! :o)

Steph said...

I just have to say that every time I scroll past this post and see that little Avery aside I crack up.

Elly said...

Ellie: I'm so excited that there will be Pens playoff hockey to chose from!

Teebz: It had to be done after all the comments Steph and I made last year.

Steph: Haha, he is a piece of work, really.

Steph said...

"Piece of work" might be the nicest name Avery's ever been called.

Elly said...

I was trying. Not sure why exactly, but...