16 April 2007


While I am still not feeling chipper, that horrible game and all the crushing 'Pens suck, you suck Crosby sucks' gets old, not to mention the rather tasteless display of the smattering of idiots wearing Pens jerseys last night booing O Canada. Idiots. How do you think the players feel, you know, the ones from CANADA. It's like breaking up a dog fight and getting bit on both ends.


Anyhow, enough of that, there is the first round of the Cocky Awards to hand out and the show must go on! Besides, I have to study, so here is the winner:

In a landslide vote (thanks to our ONE VOTE. Sheesh people, get out there, nominate someone! Hell, nominate Sidney if you think he's being a cocky little bastard...and I know there are a ton of you who think so. I'm equal opportunity) this past week goes to Don Cherry, the loudest and most color-clashing man alive in sports today. Sure he's loud and irritating, and bless Ron McLean and his magical patience, but he does have some good points and is usually right...if you can filter it out.

Congrats, Mr. Cherry! Can't wait to see what you break out for the cup finals this year.


CapsChick said...

Oh, MAN! I had no idea I could nominate Crosby! Darn it.

Lesson learned. I'll be back... ;)

Sherry said...

Ron McLean, for all of this patience dealing with Cherry is really actually pretty darn useless unless you need the odd pun and bad metaphor here and there. I remember when there was a chance he wouldn't come back to HNIC because he was in a contract dispute with CBC and everybody was so concerned that he wouldn't be back.

Elly said...

Capschick: Haha, check back in on Saturday!

Sherry: You know, aside from some of the segments he does with other announcers, I've never really heard him go off on his own. I usually see him as a directing board for other announcers/Cherry.