04 April 2007

Not to beat a dead trade....

But I'm pretty sure last night my (computer and hockey deprived, as I still have no cable and I managed to, in a fit of what can only be described as awesome, spill beer all over my laptop) subconscious decided to sum up the Oilers season for me:

In said dream, I had somehow found out that Ryan Smyth was guest-starring on the pilot episode of some new TV show. Needless to say, despite the pre-airing reviews that it was going to be awful, I had faith and watched it. Basically Smytty was a patient at a hospital full of a bunch of dying people and at which of course the random blond heroine of no importance to the overall theme worked. The middle is blurry but essentially Ryan saved everyone's ass, including the dying patients (who then did not die!) and the puckbunny main character. And everyone loved him and cheered for him and happy smiley Ryan Smyth happened and everyone had hope.

And then they cancelled the show and an indeterminate object (which later was discovered to be a giant container of motor oil with a wrench and a sparkler tied to, no I don't know either) it fell out of the sky and blew up my house (which I believe is probably a metaphor for Oilers fans' hopes and dreams).

I am not kidding.

Basically I was going to talk about the Oilers/Blackhawks game I went to Sunday, but upon discovering that in no way did I have the time to do that tonight, I thought this was an acceptable substitute. And honestly, it even contains many of the same themes! So there you have it until tomorrow.

Oh and hey guys, what happened to the Nashville Predators, Champions of the Central Divison, huh?


hockeygirl said...

Erm, how many spiked Slurpees did you have?

Steph said...

Not enough!

Elly said...

Apparently you need more, because Roli needs to be included in Oil dreams.

Or perhaps a dinner of duck ramen?