11 April 2007

Waves in the Red C? How many ways can I (un)cleverly mash these playoff slogans together?

Everyone across the blogosphere has beaten me to really addressing the first round Wings/Flames matchup, but now that I have backlogs of homework and am sitting around waiting for my roommate with nothing better to do, it seems like the proper time.

Elly did a great job with the Pens series preview - I'm going to be a bit more lazy. First off, Christy has a great in depth preview over at Behind the Jersey. That said, if you're looking for Wings coverage, make sure you also check out:

And for the Flames side of things:
For my contributions with regard to initial predictions, head over to Bitter Leaf where a group of us are making more than likely terrible predictions. The Wings/Flames discussion is here, but make sure you peruse the rest as well - I'm having trouble keeping my witty banter up to par. (I do, however, make fun of Ty Conklin!)

My prediction, for the record was Wings in six - but the more important question this series will bring us is whether or not HG and I will still be friends when it's over. It will take lots of pie and Slurpees, but I think we can do it.

Go Wings, Flames suck-a-rooni-dooni!

Edit: This is case in point why the Flames do not deserve to win this series. Ow.


hockeygirl said...

I think we can do it too.

Go Flames! Boo Wings-a-rooni-dooni!

Steal Thunder said...

Seem to be missing a few Flames bloggers (Five Hole Fanatics especially)... ; )

Christy Hammond said...

I thought of you when Hudler got his first NHL playoff point :)

Steph said...

HG - Me too! (How are you holding up?)

ST - Oh wow, I can't believe I missed FHF, I even wander over there fairly regularly. Thanks!

Christy - Aww! I was so happy for him!

Steal Thunder said...

Yes, but I apparently didn't hint strongly enough... ; )

Steph said...

Hey give me a break I was busy watching the game ;) You are officially linked too!

Steal Thunder said...


Although after that horrible display put on by the Flames tonight, maybe I should have kept myself hidden... ;D

Steph said...

Hey I personally rather liked that display :D Feel free to keep up with it for as long as you'd like.