25 April 2007

Round two

Although the Pens aren't in the second round I'm still excited for it to start (the Sabres/Rangers game just started and already Avery has a penalty. Surprise surprise). Let's face it, if Pens fans didn't watch the playoffs when their team didn't make it we'd never watch. I face a dilemma though: Ottawa or New Jersey?

As Steph put it, no one in the east likes each other, and one of the most-hated is the Devils. On the other hand, the Senators did hand the Penguins their collective butts, so spite is a big factor here. How do all the Eastern Division teams stack up in the piss off factor? Let's break it down (Pens fans, please feel free to correct me or comment with something I missed):

-Montreal Canadiens: Aside from having the long-standing tradition of battling with them, this season has seen a bit of a rivalry spring up from some rather nasty play.
-Toronto Maple Leafs: The proximity of the city and the vehemence of what I have heard called their 'traveling fan base' makes for a good natured, rough game, with often words being exchanged in the stands (anyone remember the January 20th game this year?). The fans out of the arena are usually nice, though, unlike some of their Quebecian counterparts.
-Ottawa Senators: Playoffs 2006-2007.
-Boston Bruins: Aside from some old bad blood from playoff battles and rough games in the early 90's, this factor has been relatively quiet. Not a lot of nasty feelings here currently (too much, considering we did crush them in the last two games).
-Buffalo Sabres: Aside from the notorious reputation of their fans, and despite the proximity of their city, not a lot of bad blood here lately.
-New York Islanders/Rangers: I don't think I need to comment on this one. I think every Pens fan has attempted to light one of their jerseys on fire at least once.
-New Jersey Devils: Again, do I need to say anything?
-Washington Capitals: Ahh, a fine old rivalry. The battles here in the Patrick Division were great. The league trying to pit Ovechkin against Crosby and the blowout comeback games against them are shaping up for a renaissance of the old hate.
-Philadelphia Flyers: They're the Flyers....the Flyers.
-Carolina Hurricanes: Other than maybe a bit of sibling rivalry, nothing here currently (does the Orpik/Cole thing count?)
-Atlanta Thrashers: How about this. Maybe this? Or this for old time sake?
-Florida Panthers: Other than some old rats on the ice (I'm sure Barrasso still hates them), and Penguin-killer Olli Jokinen, there aren't very many festering wounds here. Well, maybe Talbot would disagree.
-Tampa Bay Lightning: Two reasons: Vincent Lecavalier and Marty St.Louis. I'd say it's more a stiff dislike of a team that consistently kicks the Pens' ass than anything else (I think it's something like 5 years they haven't won a game against the Lightning?)

So how does this leave me? I still can't decide, the stigma of the Devils sits too heavily to shrug it off for a spiteful cheer against a newer hate. What's a girl to do?

Ignore it. Instead I'm going to post some pictures I took at fan appreciation night from my great third row seats. Enjoy!

-Jordan looking intensely at something
-Sad little Rangers backup goalie sitting in the tunnel
-Smiling Geno. He was talking to Laraque about something amusing, I guess
- Fleury
-Sidney leaning over
-The bench with all of the boy looking at the pretty lights
-Prucha for Steph. I tried to take one of Jagr, but the man does not stay still. Also got a blurry one of Straka, but he was all over the place too.
-T-bo doing the cute goalie stretch
-Talbot and Staal running each other into the boards. They were doing this all warm up and it was hilarious.
-Thibault chillin'
-Malone being the puck bitch
-Talbot (he hung out right in front of me for a lot of the warm up so I got some good shots of him)
-Another puck bitch Ryan Malone. I love the face that T-bo is making in the back.
-Armstrong making a face like someone killed his puppy
-Nice view of the arena and the backs of Ruutu, Crosby and Armstrong
-Stretching and the only not-in-motion picture of Jagr I got
-More Flower. I won't share how many pictures I actually have of him
-And finally, something for the Pensblog guys

That's it.
Go Pens.


Ellie said...

it's so true - you can't mention a team in the east without say "ugg i hate the [insert team name here]. when asked why you can't stand them you just pick an event off the nice list you have going there elly...

although i do think my most hated are the flyers and the devils.

i think i had the same seats for the game i went to this year. section a2? nice pics - the eaton one will be greatly appreciated : )

Steph said...


I'm glad you at least deigned to take a picture since you REFUSED TO CHEER..some friend :b

Steph said...

Also stop lying, you're just being nice to Boston because of your latent Marco love and the fact that Patrice is pretty. I'M ONTO YOU.

Elly said...

Ellie: Yeah, I never really realized that the east was much more vengeful than the west until Steph and I compared notes. Does geography play a part? Are the west coast teams just not as brutal? Does the east just rock that much?

I gotta agree, the Flyers and I think I'd go with the Rangers. Really, any team from that area (Rangers, Islanders, Devils) work for me.

I was in A5, which wasn't bad at all. My only gripe was that because I was so close, I couldn't see the plays at the other end well. And yeah, when Eaton parked it in front of me, how could I resist? :)

Steph: I didn't boo when he got that goal, I even smiled and laughed! That counts I think. And Boston is sort of the home team, so they're hard not to have love for (although I will admit to my love of Marco, Bergeron and Thomas. Everyone up here loves Thomas).

CapsChick said...

See, I don't think Penguins fans hate the Caps as much as Caps fans hate the Pens. Something about getting our asses handed to us year after year...after year...tends to make the hatred a little one-sided.

But just you wait - someday the Caps will be good again. SOMEDAY. And that day...you will hate us. YAY!

CapsChick said...

And I share the hatred for the Rangers/Islanders/Flyers...boy do I miss the Patrick Division.

Stupid Southeast. Boo.

Steph said...

Smiled, laughed, AND sent me a mean text message! (Which okay, admittedly cracked me up.) Not nice, I tell you.

Elly said...

CC: You've got a point. I mean, I remember the rough games and the fighting and grumping, but I think it's a little like the Flyers and the Pens, they Penguins hate, and I mean HATE, the Flyers, but while the Flyers aren't too fond of us either, their hate is a little less considering that they've been the ones bending over the Penguins constantly for 40 years.

Also, I've never heard anyone cheer over someone else hating their team, but considering that the Flyers must really not like us right now, I can sympathize. :)

Steph: ....I didn't boo! And really, what are the odds? Of all people....

Steph said...

It's because I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE. He did it for me, I swear :(

The Wanderer said...

Wow, those were some seats. THe last time I had seats that good was for a Caps/Pens game in December - that was a good game : )

Tyler said...

Great shots! I was up in the C level for that game.