17 April 2007

Seeing Red?

My ex-roommate just passed this along to me, and having read it, I'd just like to thank Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press on behalf of all Red Wings fans out there for this little gem that, for some reason, no one else seemed to have the balls to say:

"Bertuzzi practiced well enough Saturday. Is he ready to "Join the Red Wave," as the marketers say? And speaking of which: As we discuss all the reasons the Wings are struggling to sell out, let's add this: PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THESE STUPID RED-THEMED PLAY-OFF SLOGANS. Get Your Red On, Red Storm Rising, Turn On the Red Light, Let 'Em See Red, The State of Michigan Is In the Red. I am sorry to say I only made one of those up. Enough already.

Anyway, Babcock arrived at his Saturday news conference...."

I mean seriously, can't we come up with something better? Or at least less cheesy? What, for that matter, is the problem with LET'S GO WINGS? Catch the rest of the article here, though the rest of it is a little outdated, being pre-Game 2.

I'm going to catch tonight's game on a real live TV for once - so let's hope it makes the travel worth my while. Tonight's the night we know if we might have a real series, or if the Flames are going golfing sooner rather than later.

GO WINGS! FLAMES SUCK-a-rooni-dooni!


hockeygirl said...

Flames do suck-a-rooni-dooni.

Is that blasphemy coming from me?

CapsChick said...

'Tis the season for crappy slogans, y'know?

Whenever the Caps made the playoffs last (I think it was back in the 1940s or something) the typical slogan was 'Capital Punishment'. The only problem there is that it can work for either side, so...yeah. Anyways.

This series is like watching a giant blood clot, by the way - my retinas hurt from last night.

Oh, and GO FLAMES GO! Hehehe...

Steph said...

HG - Well, they tried making it up to you last night? Just you wait, it means nothing! I'll uh, wager pie on it!

CC - I still stand by that, lame slogan aside, at least we don't have a playoff song that parodies Sexyback. Really now. Also it's not nice to make people choke on their ginger ale with blood clot analogies!

CapsChick said...

Hahahaha...oops, sorry! :)